Insurance Background Of AAA

Many people wonder what AAA Insurance stands for. Earlier, it meant The American Automobile Association, a non-profit automobile lobby group, who were also in the service industry. In 1997, the name changed to simply AAA. Customers can receive many different types of products and services if they decide to utilize this company. These include term or life insurance, health, homeowners, and of course, car insurance. You can also get related services of travel when you use AAA. These are reservations, car rentals, cruise tickets, airline tickets, towing, maps known as Trip Tiks, and more. AAA will step in to help plan your vacation, no matter what you are taking it for, business or pleasure. They will handle the details at the lowest possible price.

AAA has over 100 years of experience, thus making them the right choice when needing auto insurance and more. You can find offices of AAA located all through the country, from urban areas to rural areas. AAA Insurance also offers an AAA website. This website is easy to navigate, and you can receive many great services from the comfort of your own home just by entering your zip code.
There are many services that AAA provides - financial, travel, auto purchase, and of course, insurance. You can find information on traveling as well as other information services. AAA offers services you may need to have your automobile repaired, as well as credit and insurance products that can include annuity and health services. Property and casualty needs can also be taken care of through AAA services, and they are there to help you get the best insurance policy for your specific needs. You will have many options to choose from - whether you want low or large limits, AAA is there to help you make the decision. You will also be offered limits on deductibles and safety record discounts if you qualify for them.

AAA Insurance History
In the year 1902, the need for having paved highways became essential. Cars started to be seen everywhere and soon became a staple of the U.S. population. This is why the American Automobile Association was put together on March 4, 1902. The organization started with just 1000 members, and was later formed into a great national organization through local and regional clubs. The members belong to different clubs, and they can use all the services offered by AAA. Club services and other operations are financed by member clubs.
In 1905, the very first maps for roads were published for the general public. Different hotel guides were the next service to be provided by AAA in 1917. In the year 1920, The School Patrol Safety Program started, which led to many other driver safety classes and programs. This type of organization continued to grow larger through the years, and sponsored many car races throughout the United States. When the Le Mans disaster happened in 1995, AAA set up the United States Automobile Club. AAA also lets their customers leave ratings for hotels and restaurants, which can really help those going on a trip decide where they should sleep and eat.