Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus founded AARP in 1958 while he was a high school principal. Dr. Ethel had previously founded the National Retired Teacher's Association (NRTA) in 1947 in an effort to assist local teachers with their insurance needs. The NRTA is a non-government organization known for meeting the needs of a special class of people. Included in this group of people are those who are 50 years of age and older. AARP's modern day activities have diversified to include membership of a more diversified group of people. Projections indicate that by the year 2015 the company's membership may reach 70 million.

AARP offers many services. These services include negotiating rates and offers for its members with companies promoting places such as tourist attractions. The company also negotiates rates with car rental companies as well as motel and hotel chains. If you are an AARP member, you qualify for various programs at a reduced cost to help you deal with fraud and other unforeseen circumstances that may arise. This includes fraud in lending and financing, which is common in our day and age. AARP is well known for defending and guarding the interests of the senior population on the state, and national level. This organization does not support in any way or provide funds to political candidates or parties. It publishes AARP The Magazine, which focuses primarily on topics directly related to the process of aging. This magazine is published bimonthly and is automatically mailed out to all of AARP's members. AARP The Magazine has the largest circulation in the world.

AARP Member Benefits
You receive many benefits when you are an AARP member. First of all, you receive expert advice regarding healthy living. This is a big advantage, as people are becoming more health conscious. Statistics show that people are living longer. You want to take care of your body properly so you can enjoy the many years ahead of you. AARP helps you accomplish that. In addition, information is made available to you on how to protect customer's interests. You receive tips and suggestions on how to care for your aging body.
Other benefits include assistance in tax preparation, driving safety courses, and local and national volunteer work. Members also receive advice in areas dealing with Medicare, Social Security, and consumer safety. Furthermore, you receive health, automobile, and homeowners insurance. Obviously, there are many advantages to being an AARP member.