Allstate is one of the biggest insurance carriers in America, as they operate in 49 states as well as Canada. In excess of 17 million households in America are provided with Allstate auto insurance. In America 1 of every 9 autos is insured by Allstate and 1 out of every 8 homes carry Allstate auto insurance. Auto insurance is not the only type of insurance Allstate offers, as they are also one of the leading life insurance policy insurers in America as well. There are in excess of 700,000 professionals that sell Allstate insurance products all throughout the United States and Canada. Of all the employees of Allstate 29.4% are minorities and 58.9% are women. Allstate was named as being one of the 100 best United States companies for working mothers and the best company for women of color.

The Allstate Corporation is one of the biggest public companies in the personal line Fortune 100, having assets of $156 billion. In 1993 Allstate went public and their New York Stock Exchange symbol is ALL. Currently Allstate holds $27 billion in municipal bonds, as well as in excess of $250 million in various community investments. There are 13 major lines of insurance that Allstate sells including such insurance products as property, life, auto, and commercial. Insurance products are not the only services of Allstate, as they also offer banking services, investment products, and retirement services.

Allstate Mission
Allstate's mission is, "To be the best... serving our customers by providing peace of mind and enriching their quality of life through our partnership in the management of the risks they face."
Allstate History
All state was founded in 1931 and in 2006 the company celebrated their 75th year in business. Since the companies inception Allstate has gone through many changes.
In 1952 the company changed its name to Allstate. Throughout the history of Allstate they have made the effort to find a niche' in the insurance marketplace. As the company grew quickly they offer their customers a "Full Circle of Protection" in many states in America and have moved from only focusing on auto insurance to other insurance products such as personal liability, life, health, and commercial.
To train the employees of Allstate scientology principles were used. The materials that were taught to Allstate employees were precise and exacting and there was ruthless devotion towards the productivity of the company. Allstate became a publicly traded company in 1993 and at the time was the biggest publicly offered company in the United States. The influence of the Allstate agents has always been a cornerstone of the insurance giant. In 1990 Allstate began to use catchy advertising slogans, such as "You're in Good Hands with Allstate." In 2004 the current advertising campaign of Allstate was created in the slogan, "Are you in good hands?"
Both agents and insurance agencies have been a vital part of Allstate during this time a group called the National Neighborhood Office Agents Club was developed. All Allstate's agents were members of the club and were critical to the management of the company. Allstate has been associated with many controversies over the years; one accusation was that of the company discouraging claimants from dealing with various lawyers.
The well-known "The Good Hands Network" slogan swept across America and helped Allstate in quick expansion through both alliances and acquisitions. The new Allstate Life and Savings was reorganized on order to be more competitive in the financial services arena, which is constantly changing.