Animal Collision Tips

Collisions with deer and other large animals can cause a great deal of damage not just to the animal but the vehicle. The average cost of collision damage from large animals averages nearly $3000 and when bodily injury claims are factored in, that rises to $10,000.

There are some proactive driving tips you can take to avoid hitting a large animal or to limit of avoid damage to your vehicle in case you encounter one.

  • Deer collisions typically happen from sunset to midnight and in the hours before and after sunrise. Be especially alert during these times.
  • Drive carefully through areas with high deer populations and deer crossing zones. Deer typically travel in numbers so where you see one, there are likely others.
  • When travelling at night, use your high beams whenever possible.
  • If you see deer, slow down and blow your horn to frighten them away. Stay in your lane and brake firmly. Many deer-related accidents are actually caused by one car hitting another attempting to avoid an animal.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Do not rely on gizmos such as whistles, fences and reflectors to repel deer.

If you do hit a deer, move your vehicle to a safe location and call the police, if possible. Do not approach or try to touch the wounded animal, which may be frightened and attempt to run or defend itself. You could end up being injured or the animal could further hurt itself.

If your vehicle is protected by a comprehensive policy, animal collisions will be covered. Call your insurance company as soon as you can to report any damage to your vehicle.