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Auburn is a fun city, and there are many things in this particular area of Maine that do not come free. Still, sometimes they can come as inexpensive as possible. By putting your Auburn, Maine zip code in the menu box above, we can provide you with low, competitive, and rapid auto quotes. Sure, they aren't free, but they're economical and extensive. Not sure that we are actually doing the legwork to come up with these impressive auto insurance quotes? Read on for more information, so you can learn how we learn to set affordable, but appropriate, auto insurance quotes.

The average driver spends a great deal of time in their auto going back and forth from home and work. This helps insurance companies determine the basic amount of time a person will spend in their auto, since people traveling back and forth to work are almost always going to be doing so on a set schedule that cannot be easily changed. If a person is working five days a week, they are probably going to be sticking with that schedule for a while. Any driving that they do on top of that would be leisure driving, or at least driving spent not going to and from work. For most, the lowest amount of time that a person will spend in the auto is going to be for their work commute.

Although some people may spend a great deal of time commuting throughout Maine, the average commute is timed at 21.6 minutes. is committed to helping auto drivers save money whether their commute is five minutes or a number of hours. We also want to help educate our drivers to help them save time, money and, potentially, the lives of other individuals on the road. The more time a person spends in the auto, the more time they have to be exposed to hazardous road conditions, which might result in an accident. As a result, auto insurance companies need to be aware of how much time the individual spends on their commute in order to determine how often they are exposed to risks.

Driving at appropriate speeds is important, but it is also important to understand that the average speed of most of the vehicles involved in fatal auto crashes in South Portland, Maine, was found to be 35 mph. While this may appear to be a low speed, crashes can still be devastating. For example, in Auburn, Maine there were 4 fatal crashes that occurred in 2004. With a total auto count in these crashes at 11, 13 people in all were involved in the crashes. Still, the speed for the majority of vehicles involved in these accidents was minimal, at 35 mph. By being aware of speed limits, local roads, and good defensive driving techniques, drivers are more likely to stay safe and potentially save money on their auto insurance.

Anti-theft devices and alarm systems can also factor in to lowering the auto insurance premium. In 2005, Auburn experienced an estimated 35 auto thefts, although this number does not include the auto thefts of vehicles in neighboring districts and zones.

Drivers can easily get additional information about the Pine Tree State by using the links at the bottom of this page. Getting a quote from is as easy as entering your zip code in the top menu bar. We are here to help educate drivers and offer competitive quotes, so feel free to contact us today!

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