Auto Insurance Tips

You have a full set of tools at your disposal when shopping for auto insurance much in the same way that insurance companies use resources to determine your insurability. A good insurance shopping experience starts with comparing similar coverage types among competing companies. You will find that insurers place a high value on offering various benefit types, in addition to any seasonal or regional specials they provide, in order to draw in consumers.

One of the best ways for families and professionals to cut down on the cost of auto insurance is to adjust benefit levels. You can raise the deductible on your new policy to decrease your premium which helps lower your up-front costs. It is also important to assess the Blue Book value of your vehicle along with the current market for used cars before you get an auto insurance policy. You can decrease collision coverage for heavily used vehicles that are worth less than $1,000. A final way to lower your initial insurance burden is to cut out areas of overlap like medical payments if you have sufficient health insurance for any emergency medical treatments.

There are ways to afford a great auto insurance policy through advanced planning and investment. Buying a Safe Car is always a smart choice. You can purchase a vehicle with a low profile and relatively low incidents of car theft to get a discount from auto insurers. Sports cars and expensive vehicles by Mercedes and Volkswagen are heavily targeted by vandals and car thieves. Smart investment in a reliable and low profile vehicle can decrease the cost of auto insurance over the long term. You can also eliminate service fees and other costs associated with monthly payments by paying the premium in full at the time you finalize your policy and your coverage begins.

Consumers shopping for a deal on auto insurance can find discounted rates for a variety of demographic and technical reasons that they may not be aware of. Insurance companies around the United States provide discounted monthly rates to drivers who use their car infrequently because they offer low risk investments for the insurer. These companies also reward loyal customers who update their auto insurance policy after their premium lapses to cut down on paperwork and customer turnover.

You may already own a car, truck or sports utility vehicle that possesses safety and anti-theft measures which qualify for discounted rates. New cars with side-curtain airbags, seat belts, anti-lock brakes and traction control systems provide a level of protection that is highly regarded by insurance companies. Read our Airbag Safety Tips for more information. Insurance companies are beginning to reward drivers who choose optional anti-theft measures for their vehicles. Options like wheel locks, alarm systems, fuel cut-off systems and laser engraving protect your vehicle from the threat of theft on a daily basis. We suggest you read Carjacking & Theft prevention tips for more detailed information on preventing these serious and dangerous situations.

A multitude of other factors can eliminate high premiums for most consumers. Families with young drivers and a garage full of cars get discounted prices for coverage on multiple vehicles. Age, good grades for university students and dozens of other reasons specific to a particular region can help you decrease the financial burden when it comes time to purchase insurance.

Tips for Students and Teens

One of the most harrowing insurance statistics for parents is that nearly one in three teenage drivers will be involved in an accident every year. Drivers under the age of 25 present an exceptionally high risk for insurance companies because of their relative inexperience and low incomes. Students around the United States often benefit from insurance laws that allow parents to claim their dependents under their premium. Many insurers offer a separate policy for parents of young drivers in order to collect high premiums commensurate with the higher risk level.

Parents and students can decrease premiums in a number of ways to counter the perception of bad driving among teenagers. Most insurance companies have good student discounts that allow a high school or college student to receive lowered premiums if they maintain a certain grade point average. Discounts are also offered by many insurance companies for teenagers who complete an authorized driver education/defensive driving program. One of the best things you can do for a new, inexperienced driver is to buy them a Safe Car. Parents should encourage their student drivers to purchase used vehicles with proper safety equipment, low mileage and a reputation for overall safety to decrease the risk assessment by insurance companies.

When teenagers are just learning to drive, it is important for parents to talk with their young drivers before they ever get behind the wheel. This is the perfect opportunity to stress to them that while driving is a pleasure and something that nearly every young person looks forward to, it is also a great responsibility. And while it is certainly not just teenagers who use a Cell Phone While Driving, the statistics bear out that talking or texting when driving is almost always a factor in most teenage accidents. Take the time to speak with your teenager about potential driving situations before they happen so that they can be better prepared to handle them. These should include Driving in Bad Weather and what to do After An Accident.

For all drivers- teenage or adult, beginner or experienced- we offer more auto insurance tips to help you become more aware of available discounts and also to help you become a safer and more responsible driver. And that benefits everyone!

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