Car Breakdown Safety Tips

If you are ever in an accident or your car breaks down, you should always make safety your number one concern. There are some basic precautions you should follow if your car does break down.

  • If you are stuck on the side of a busy highway, do not get out of the vehicle to make repairs or inspect for damage. If possible, get your vehicle to a safer location and if there is another vehicle involved, signal to the other driver to pull to a safe spot.
  • If the vehicle is not drivable, you should stay inside and call for help on a cell phone. Most often, standing outside your vehicle is inadvisable and dangerous.
  • Make sure you carry a roadside emergency kit, which has flares or reflective triangles that give other drivers advance warning of your vehicle's location. Also, always turn on your blinking hazard lights.
  • If you experience a blown out or flat tire, make sure you get the vehicle to a safe location before you attempt any repairs. Even if driving on a flat means the wheel itself is damaged, it is far more important you ensure your personal safety.