Cheap Auto Insurance

Americans are faced with rising prices everywhere - food, gas and nearly every other basic necessity are costing more and more each month. And auto insurance is no exception. The results of a new study concerning auto insurance coverage were recently published and the findings are troubling, to say the least. These results found that nearly 14% of motorists are uninsured, or stated another way, approximately 1 in 7 drivers has no insurance coverage.

The reason behind this is suspected to be the economy- mainly the high rate of unemployment. When money is tight, and the choice is feeding your family or paying the insurance premium, buying food nearly always wins out.

This is why it is important for consumers to have access to cheap auto insurance that provides minimum basic coverage (as required by each state) and allows motorists to drive within the law.

carinsurance.info offers individuals an online marketplace where they can compare cheap auto insurance options from most of the leading insurance carriers in the nation. We at carinsurance.info do not work for any one company nor are we licensed insurance agents. We simply provide consumers a wealth of companies from which to compare and choose the right auto insurance coverage for their personal needs.

Before starting out, it helps to know that most insurance carriers factor in some basic information when formulating what you will pay for auto insurance. These factors are:

  • The state, city, and even neighborhood where you live and the car is located.
  • Your age and marital status.
  • The make, model, and book value of the vehicle being insured.
  • Your driving history - including all accidents and violations.

Also, more and more insurers now use your credit score to determine what rates you will be charged.

There are different circumstances which determine what you will pay for auto insurance. The following information can help you create a policy which still provides cheap auto insurance coverage but doesn't break your budget.

Check your state's requirements - Every state has its own set of minimum auto insurance coverage that it requires drivers to maintain. Most companies charge about the same for minimum coverage. Anything above and beyond the minimum is considered "extra" and this is where the rate differences normally lie. Before putting together your policy, make sure you know what the requirements are for your state.

Compare Insurance Companies - Auto insurance should be no different from other things that you buy. The smart consumer will shop around and compare prices to find the best deal. Make sure that when you do compare policies from various companies that the coverage is exactly the same. If you're looking for your state's minimum plus collision, then compare these options only. carinsurance.info makes this process simple and painless by providing consumers with a complete listing of the nation's top and well-respected insurance companies.

Pay Your Policy in Full - Your credit score can affect the insurance rates you will pay. If you have less than perfect credit, consider paying the premium in full when you take out the insurance policy. Many companies will give you a better deal if you pay the entire premium up-front.

Be a Safe Driver and Avoid Accidents - Car insurance premiums are largely determined by risk. The more accidents you have on your record, the greater risk you are to insurance carriers. This explains why your rates go up when you have an accident. Drive safely at all times. Maintaining a spotless driving record is one of the best things you can do to keep your insurance rates low.

Avoid All Traffic Violations - This goes hand-in-hand with avoiding accidents. Traffic violations will cause your insurance premiums to rise. Serious infractions, such as leaving the scene of an accident or driving while intoxicated, can place you in a high-risk group of drivers who pay significantly higher premiums. Some insurance carriers will drop your insurance coverage altogether rather than chance losing more money on a high-risk policyholder.

Finding cheap auto insurance coverage doesn't have to be complicated. By using the information and resources we offer at carinsurance.info you can be certain of getting a policy that is personally tailored to your needs. Compare quotes and then choose your coverage. Then sit back and enjoy the savings!

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