Cincinnati Insurance

Cincinnati Insurance began in the year 1950 by a group of individual agents. They made this property casualty insurance business their main branch of business, and they offer property as well as casualty insurance. The Cincinnati Insurance Company also provides life and disability income insurance and annuities to those who choose to buy them. They have been supporting the insurance subsidiaries as well as many different independent representatives, by going through various commercial leasing as well as financial activities. CinFin Management Company also offers asset management services as well as other to many different institutions.

Cincinnati Financial Corporation was started in the year 1968 as a holding company that was available to provide more value to policyholders. Two different subsidiaries made up the company, these being the Cincinnati Casualty Company and the Cincinnati Indemnity Company. These companies both help with providing insurance business to individuals and families, in turn getting policies from the insurer. This way, they will stand to make gains that help the financial strengths of the company.

The CFC Investment Company began providing their lease and financial services to different independent agents and clients in the year 1970. By 1973, life insurance policies were created, so the two insurance companies formed together to become The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. Today, this insurance company is ranked between the top 25 casualties and property insurance companies within the country that are based on the consolidated revenues of the company itself.
Cincinnati's Main Insurance Business
Insurance is the main part of Cincinnati Financials' business. The year 2004 brought the company up to the 26th largest property and casualty insurance company in the nation that has is basis from net written premiums. CinFin Capital Management Company strives to provide excellent asset management services not only to corporations and businesses, but also to individuals, as well.
Types of Insurance provided by Cincinnati Insurance
The main type of insurance that Cincinnati Insurance sells is casualty and life insurance. Back in the year 1971, 71% of the companies earned premiums came from their commercial lines of insurance. Many personnel lines accounted for the rest of the 26%. The remaining 3% was made up of life disability and annuities.
Finding a local Cincinnati Insurance Agent near You
Finding a Cincinnati agent is as easy as calling this toll-free number: 1-800-769-0548, where you can get a referral for an agent. You can make an appointment for an independent agent who can provide you quality insurance for home, life and business insurance, or a combination of these three. You are sure to get excellent service form a reputable and knowledgeable agent for the type of insurance you desire.
Employees of Cincinnati Insurance
There are more than 3983 associates of the Cincinnati Financial Corporation, including its many subsidiaries. This was calculated for the year ending 2005. More than 2800 employees work for this insurance company in the headquarters located in Fairfield, Ohio. There are many individual work-at-home agents, as well. These field representatives make up more than 1150 employees of Cincinnati Financial Corporation.