DUI Laws

How negatively does a DUI affect insurance rates?
Today, a DUI conviction is a very serious matter and can cost a driver and his or her family dearly in a variety of ways.

Having a DUI conviction makes finding insurance difficult but not impossible.

How long a DUI conviction stays on a driving record depends entirely upon the state's laws. It can be anywhere from a few years or the rest one's lifetime. Generally an insurance premium will increase upon renewal after the insurance company checks a driver's motor vehicle record. Thereafter, the DUI will continue to affect insurance rates for anywhere from three to seven years or even longer if state insurance laws permit it.

Sadly, insurance companies see a DUI conviction as a black-and-white issue and there's little that can be done to expedite a rate decrease.

How much will insurance rates increase?
Increasing insurance rates will vary from state to state and from one insurance company to another. In any event, a DUI conviction is guaranteed to raise one's premiums anywhere from 20% to 50% if it isn't cancelled entirely. The amount of the increase will depend largely upon an insurance company's rating system.

Overcoming a DUI
Having a DUI conviction on one's driving record is a very serious matter but it isn't hopeless.

While it is true that most insurance companies will hike insurance rates or even drop or refuse coverage, there are others that will provide full coverage. The best way to go about finding auto insurance is to find a company that regularly conducts business with DUI-convicted drivers.

Start by checking quotes from the more well-known national carriers. They may offer full coverage though it will likely be at a higher premium. It is possible they may offer something reasonable and at the very least, it gives you a good idea of the price range to expect.

The next best step is to do some online research using a reliable search engine for DUI or DWI auto insurance providers. Many such insurance companies will only sell policies six month at a time and will likely want the policy paid for in full before it takes effect.

One should also make certain an insurance company is licensed to do business in their state. Again, one of the best ways to do this is by using the Internet. Once a reasonably sized list of companies has been compiled, gather as many quotes as possible.

Keep in mind that it's very important to not get another DUI conviction. Most, if not all, auto insurance companies will drop coverage for multiple offenders, which make it unlikely they'll drive a car for any time in the foreseeable future.