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Living in the state capital of Delaware does not necessarily mean you have to pay high prices for your auto insurance. Most consumers think that they are getting the best rates possible, however since the insurance industry changes frequently those who have not updated their policy in a while may be paying too much for their coverage. The professionals at are here to answer questions, provide guidance, and ultimately set the residents of Dover up with a better less expensive policy than the one they currently have. It can be difficult to understand how rates are determined so let us provide you with a pathway to understanding rates for Kent County residents.

It might seem like nothing to drive 19 minutes to work each day but for the residents of Dover this 19 minute average trip provides many chances for an accident to occur. The more time you spend driving the more your chances are of having an accident. However, if you commute this far or farther you still have the opportunity to save on auto insurance by avoiding high accident areas and using a auto pool if available.

One of the most costly risks for companies to insurance against is auto theft. Each year thousands of vehicles are stolen all across the nation. In 2005 there were an estimated 115 autos stolen in Dover and the surrounding areas. Some vehicles have a higher rate of theft, though it is not always the newest most expensive models that are targeted. Look over the list of top ten autos stolen in Dover to see if yours is among the ranks. No matter what type of vehicle you own avoid your chances of becoming the next target by installing an anti theft alarm and park in well lit areas. Avoid excessive risks and save money on your auto insurance.

Everyone automatically assumes that fatal accidents happen at high speeds but that is not always the case. In 2004 the fatal accidents that occurred in Dover had an average speed of only 35mph. Whether you are driving to pick up the kids from school or to a nice restaurant for dinner with your friends there are many distractions that can lead to an accident. Practicing the same level of caution at all speeds will help you avoid accidents and save money.

Auto accidents take the lives of residents all over the country each day so it is important that your vehicle is equipped to meet the current safety standards. In 2004, 4 residents of Dover were involved in 2 fatal accidents. The total number of vehicles involved was only 2 which make it apparent that all accidents are not multiple vehicle accidents. Whether you are the only vehicle in sight or surrounded by hundreds of other drivers avoid taking risks, look out for other drivers, and enroll in a defensive driving course to learn more about safety while driving.

Whether you drive an older vehicle with lots of miles or one that just came off the dealer's lot, you deserve to pay lower rates on your auto insurance. At we will set you up with the resources and a quote for auto insurance from a top company. We can't guarantee that we will find you a better rate than you are paying today but we can help you understand how to avoid accidents and decrease your rates a year from now. Spend a few minutes exploring and start your quote today.

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