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The average commuting time for Evanston residents is approximately 16.1 minutes. Evanston residents don't need to worry because there are still ways to save money. If you're in this group, you too can save on auto insurance.

Traffic accident statistics show that Evanston alone reported 3 fatal accidents in 2004. Therefore, it's critical that you do your research and identify ways to stay safe and save money on your insurance policy. Reports further indicate that 5 persons were involved in these accidents. Clearly, having safety equipment like seatbelts and airbags for you and your passengers can save lives. Another benefit is that you can save on your policy.

Three vehicles were involved in these crashes. It is obvious that how you drive with other vehicles on the road is important. Taking driving courses is beneficial because they make you aware of various situations that could cause potential accidents. Most of the vehicles involved in these traffic accidents had an average speed of 30 MPH. You may feel that because you're driving at a slow speed, you're excluded from being in an accident. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. Practicing safe driving habits will keep you and your passengers safe and you will qualify for insurance discounts.

Thirty-one auto thefts were reported in the city of Evanston and the surrounding areas in 2005. Protect yourself and your property by parking your vehicle only in safe areas at night. Buy autos with a low theft rate and have anti-theft devices installed.

The auto you drive could be causing you to pay high insurance premiums if it has a high theft rate. It doesn't matter if it's small and inexpensive.

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