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When was the last time you looked at your auto insurance premiums and thought you were paying too much? For most residents of Fairmont, West Virginia, this happens every month when they pay their premiums. Instead of finding out if they are paying too much, most people make the assumption that they are getting the best rate possible, given the vehicle they drive and their past driving history. However, it's likely that most residents of Marion County, West Virginia are paying higher than average premiums for their auto insurance. was designed to help drivers find inexpensive auto insurance that meets the state guidelines for coverage. We help drivers understand how where they live and what type of vehicle they own can impact the rates they pay for auto insurance. Learning what insurance companies use to determine rates can help you avoid these pitfalls and in turn save money each month. Doesn't that sound like a great idea?

Every day there are thousands of accidents that occur on West Virginia roadways; unfortunately, some result in fatalities. In 2004, there were 2 accidents in Fairmont that resulted in deaths. In these accidents, there were 2 people involved and 2 vehicles were damaged. Accidents can occur at any time and at any place, though there are areas that have more accidents than others. These "dangerous intersections" are places to avoid if at all possible. Insurance companies reward drivers who avoid accidents, and while this is wonderful, a bigger reward is avoiding an auto related death.

It's hard to comprehend that accidents occurring at 25 mph can result in death. While this might seem unreal to most, it was determined that those 2004 fatal accidents in Fairmont occurred at 25 mph. Driving to the corner market to pick up milk can be just as deadly as driving to the next state to visit relatives or friends. Whether you are driving at high speeds or at 25 mph, it's always imperative to practice caution and safe driving. Consider taking additional driving courses, as these may help reduce the rates of auto insurance premiums and will give you added security behind the wheel.

Commute time is another factor that weighs heavily on the minds of insurance companies when determining the rates for individuals. Not only does a high commute time mean there is an increased likelihood for accidents, it also means that more miles are being added to the vehicle. As vehicles get older and have more miles on them, they tend to be less trustworthy and more prone to accidents. Residents of Fairmont commute approximately 19.1 minutes in order to reach their jobs, but this doesn't mean they should settle for second-rate premiums or service when it comes to auto insurance.

Anyone who has ever experienced the theft of their vehicle can attest to the fact that following this crime their rates increase. It's strange to think that a neighbor having their vehicle stolen can affect what you pay for insurance, but it does. In 2005, there were 37 reported thefts in the city of Fairmont and the surrounding areas. These thefts greatly impact premiums for those living in this area.

If you are a resident of Fairmont who has recently moved, bought a new vehicle, or are looking to find a better rate, now is the perfect time to give a test drive. Let our staff assist you with finding affordable auto insurance by educating you on what risk factors influence your rates and how you can take steps to reduce your premium. is the perfect place to begin your journey to better priced auto insurance. Start your quote today.