Farmers Insurance

When looking at homeowners insurance and private passenger airlines, Farmers Insurance is the third largest company in the world. With headquarters in Los Angeles, California and offices in 41 different states, Farmers Insurance is one of the largest companies in the US. They currently employ over 18,000 workers, including a large number of independent contractors and agents and hire more workers every year. In 1928 Farmers Insurance officially began, and an offshoot for auto insurance was named Farmers Insurance Exchange. As markets changed and their customer base grew, the company was forced to make a number of changes. One such change involved the creation of the Fire Insurance Exchange and Truck Insurance Exchange. Today they have offices in 41 states and a customer base of over 15 million people.

One reason the company has so many customers is because of the diverse range of insurance and financial services they offer. Farmers Insurance Group, Inc. is the parent company of a large number of other holding companies. Some of their holding companies include Fire Underwriters Association, Insurance Exchange, and the Truck Underwriters Association. They also work with the Foremost Insurance Company that creates a number of different industrial items such as motor homes, mobile homes, and travel trailers. The Farmers New World Life Insurance Company is another subsidiary and all companies work together under the Farmers Group, Inc.

More about Farmers Insurance
In 1928 Farmers Insurance officially launched, and became the first company to offer auto insurance to residents of the United States. Today the company headquarters are in Los Angeles, California and they employee 18,000 employees, independent contractors, and agents. The company supports hybrid vehicles, and is known to offer discounts to drivers who buy one. Though Farmers Insurance started out selling auto insurance, they quickly expanded into other areas of insurance including home and commercial. This allowed the company to move into other areas of sales. The company has 24-hour support available for its customers.