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When you enter your home zip code in the box above, you will start a very fast, simple process that will give you the opportunity to save money on your auto insurance. Here at, we are proud to offer Fremont drivers this service and happy to offer them even more. Every resident of Dodge County can also come here to get a better understanding of auto insurance policies and how auto insurance premiums are developed by using "risk factors." It's all here, so get started now by entering your zip code.

Numbers can tell a story; here are some numbers of interest to Dodge County residents. It takes the average Fremont resident 18.5 minutes to drive to work. That, by some standards, is not a long drive, but it's more than enough time to have an accident. Accidents are usually caused by drivers who are sleepy, unfocused, or in such a hurry that they take chances. In the city of Fremont alone, there were 2 auto crashes in 2004 that involved fatalities. There were 3 vehicles involved in those crashes and 8 people, some of whom survived. Interestingly, the average speed of the autos involved in those fatal crashes was only 25 mph. A good driver safety course can help prevent your becoming a statistic, and the use of seat belts in an auto equipped with air bags will help keep the driver and the passengers alive in the event that there is an accident. By the way, the driver safety course, the air bags, and the seat belts can also help you save money on your auto insurance.

Something else that can affect your auto insurance premium is auto theft in your area and what you can do to prevent it. In Fremont and the neighboring communities, there were 34 auto thefts in 2005. Auto insurance providers are understandably concerned about where you park your auto at night and what anti-theft devices are installed on your auto, but they also want to know if your auto is a favorite target of auto thieves. If it is, you are, no doubt, paying more for your auto insurance coverage.

The good news is, whatever your particular set of circumstances, can help you save money on your auto insurance. We give you the tools to get competitive rate quotes and the resources to help you understand why you pay what you pay for auto insurance. Get on that road to savings and knowledge right now by entering your home zip code in the box above.

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