Getting a Safe Car for Teenagers

One of the best things you can do for your new teenage driver is to buy them a safe car. There are some criteria you should follow when deciding on what kind of vehicle to get them.

  • Don't get them a car that is conducive to reckless driving. The last thing you want to do when you have a driver who lacks experience and maturity is to hand them the keys to a fast, high-performance automobile. Instead, choose something conservative and sedate that won't enable them to take irresponsible risks and chances.
  • Avoid vehicles that are prone to rollovers or unstable. Taller vehicles like SUVs and pickups have higher centers of gravity upping the chances of a tragic accident. Choose a lower, more stable vehicle that won't rollover, skid, or spin out as easily.
  • Avoid small vehicles that don't afford your teen as much protection as larger vehicles like mid or full sized sedans. Get your teen the largest vehicle they can competently drive that affords good crash protection.
  • As much as you may be tempted to hand down your old beater, try to avoid giving your teen an older vehicle. Not only have they already seen a considerable amount of wear-and-tear, older vehicles aren't built as well as newer ones. Today's modern cars offer better crash protection and safety features than those built six to ten years ago.