Isuzu Auto Insurance

Isuzu Motors Ltd. is a Japanese car, commercial vehicle, and heavy truck manufacturing company based in Tokyo. In 2005, Isuzu became the world leader in the production of medium to heavy duty trucks. Isuzu Motors is famous for manufacturing diesel engines and commercial vehicles. Many well-known car companies use Isuzu diesel engines in their own models. These include Opel, Renault and General Motors.

In most of Africa and Asia, Isuzu has long been a leader in the sale of trucks- mostly medium to heavy duty. Car sales became so stagnant in the late 1990s that the car manufacturer stopped selling sedans and compact cars altogether. In 2009, Isuzu also abandoned car sales in the U.S. due to declining sales numbers. However, this did not affect the company's commercial vehicle or diesel engine operations.

A highlight of the Isuzu advertising campaign was the introduction of a fictionalized car salesman named Joe Isuzu. Commercials featuring this character ran on American television from 1986-1990 and were a huge success. Joe Isuzu was a pathological liar and made outrageous claims about Isuzu's car models. These iconic advertisements quickly caught the eyes and ears of the American consumer and the character became a fixture in American pop culture.

If you are looking for car insurance for your Isuzu vehicle, it's a smart idea to contact different companies and compare quotes. Most insurance companies use certain criteria to formulate how much you will pay for an annual policy. These include the make and model of the car and also your personal information such as where you live, your age, your driving record, and even your credit score. When writing up a policy, be sure to only get the types of coverage you actually need and make certain you take advantage of any available discounts that are offered.