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Kearney residents, if you enter your home zip code in the box above, you can take advantage of the valuable service that has to offer. One important thing does is provide you with a fast and convenient way to find the most competitive auto insurance rates available to Buffalo County residents. That's a pretty big thing, but we don't stop there. We also give you access to the information, tools, and resources that will not only help you understand your insurance policy and the "risk factors" that are used to determine your auto insurance premium, we give you tips on how to lower those premiums. Enter your zip code and try it out, you have nothing to lose.

Here are some interesting and important numbers that directly affect Kearney drivers. The average Kearney driver will spend 13.8 minutes getting to work. That may be a pretty short commute by some standards, but it can be a dangerous one. Most auto accidents, in fact, happen close to home. In the year 2004, within the Kearney city limits, there were 2 fatal auto crashes involving 2 autos traveling at an average speed of 25 mph. There were a total of 6 people affected by those crashes. What has this to do with auto insurance premiums? A lot! Drivers with good driving records save money on auto insurance premiums; drivers who take a defensive driving course may save even more. Drivers with autos that are equipped with seat belts and air bags will save money on auto insurance; and safe drivers will make sure their passengers are wearing those seat belts. These are just a few tips that you are presented with when you use Start by entering your zip code above, and you'll be amazed as you save money.

Here is another fact that can have a positive effect on auto insurance premiums for Kearney drivers. There were 27 autos stolen in Kearney and the surrounding communities in 2005. There are several factors, related to auto theft, that affect your auto insurance premium; what make and model auto you drive, where you park it at night, what kind of anti-theft devices your auto is equipped with, and what other equipment is installed in your auto. Auto thieves have favorite targets, and if your auto is one of them, you are probably paying an auto insurance premium that you were not aware of.

Regardless of your particular circumstances, is the right place to take advantage of competitive auto insurance quotes and to get a better understanding of your auto insurance policy. You may be paying too much, so don't delay any longer. Plug your zip code into the box above and get on the road to competitive quotes and valuable information.

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