Liability Auto Insurance

Liability insurance is intended to cover property damage and bodily injury that you cause to other people; it doesn't cover your own expenses.

Every state has their own minimum liability requirements needed to insure a vehicle. Some states absolutely require you to carry this protection while others may give you the option to meet your financial responsibility through other means such as a cash deposit or surety bond. However, liability insurance is the easiest way for most drivers to meet their state's financial responsibility requirements.

Liability insurance is an important safety net no driver should take lightly. If you are ever involved in a serious accident for which you are found even partly liable or at fault, you could face serious costs or even face lawsuits if you're not covered. Liability insurance protects you from much of this particularly if it is combined with other forms of coverage. As long as you carry enough coverage, you should be able to handle most claims and lawsuits lodged against you and your insurance will handle your legal defense if necessary.

Liability insurance is typically divided into two primary categories: bodily injury liability and property damage liability, which are discussed below.