Low Mileage Discount

When it comes to discounts on auto insurance, you can never have enough of a good thing. One of the newest ones offered by most major insurance companies is the Low Mileage Discount. This discount rewards policyholders who drive less and is usually calculated on a mileage/per year basis.

Considering the rising cost of gasoline and the overall economic outlook of most American consumers, the low mileage discount may be yet another smart way to save money- not only at the pump but also on the overall cost of car insurance.

Many Americans have already changed their driving habits in order to cut back on fuel costs. Either by carpooling, using mass transit or other available public transportation, or combining a lot of little errands into one or two trips, people are learning the value of thoughtfully planned out driving. Another bonus is that getting behind the wheel less often also helps the environment since fewer cars on the road equals less harmful car emissions being poured into the atmosphere.

The number of miles allowed per year to qualify for a low mileage discount varies among the leading auto insurance companies. If you are looking for ways to save on your premium costs, consider asking about the low mileage discount. Perhaps you have already changed your driving habits in response to the high cost of gasoline or maybe you want to learn how to modify your current driving patterns so that you can drive less often and cut your fuel and insurance costs significantly.

Whatever the reason, cutting back on unnecessary trips and learning to drive in a manner that is both responsible and environmentally friendly are positive additions to anyone's driving habits. Saving money while doing this is just icing on the cake!