Mazda Auto Insurance

Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer which is headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan. It was founded in 1920 and is currently partnered with the American automaker, Ford Motor Company. Mazda annually sells over one million vehicles worldwide and has carved a huge niche for itself in the global auto industry. Mazda began in Tokyo as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company and initially produced machine tool parts. The company later moved into the development and manufacturing of automobiles. During World War Two, much of the company's resources went towards weapons production for the Japanese military.

During the post-war years, Mazda resumed car production. In the early 1960s, the company put an enormous engineering effort into designing and producing the Wankel rotary engine. This was a shrewd attempt to differentiate the company from many of the other Japanese carmakers. Since Mazda first introduced the Cosmo Sport in 1967 and continuing with today's RX-8, Mazda is the only manufacturer of the Wankel type rotary engine. Both NSU and Citroen attempted to produce a rotary engine but they gave up on their aspirations during the 1970s.

Mazda successfully drew attention to itself and its unique engine and soon the company was exporting vehicles to every corner of the globe. Both the piston-powered and rotary-powered engines were manufactured and exported but the rotary engine continued to be the favorite of consumers. It combined good power with a light-weight design and became the hallmark of Mazda's worldwide popularity and success.

Today, Mazda offers a wide range of cars, sports cars, crossovers and SUVs. Prices generally start at around $10,000 and can run upwards of $40,000. An important thing to remember when deciding on car insurance is that rates are formulated and based mainly on statistics. An example is that a person will almost always pay more to insure a red convertible sports car than a silver mid-sized family sedan. Why? Because statistics bear out that the sports car is much more likely to be driven at a high speed and recklessly than the sedan and will therefore have a higher accident rate. It's something to consider when shopping for insurance.

If keeping your insurance rates low is a major concern, you might want to look at less expensive models of cars. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the sticker price, the more a vehicle will cost to insure.

Many factors go into determining what you will pay for car insurance. The make and model of the vehicle is a big consideration but it is not the only one. Most insurance companies rely more on the personal data of the insured driver than on just the car information alone. This includes your age, personal driving record, where you live, and your driving habits. Be sure to check on available discounts and ask your agent if you qualify. Also remember that normally the more safety features your automobile has, the less you will pay for coverage.

Mazda theft risks
Mazda models account for a very small percentage of the top 100 cars stolen annually in the U.S. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the models most at risk are the Mazda Protege and the Mazda 626. Older models sometimes make the list simply because they are more attractive to professional car thieves since they normally don't have updated security or anti-theft devices. If you own one of these vehicles, you should check with an insurance agent to find out if your insurance rates will be affected. Overall, the risk is very low so your rates should not significantly increase.

Crash Test Results for Mazda
Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests thousands of vehicles to determine crashworthiness. This translates to how well a certain car model will protect its occupants in the event of a crash. One Mazda model was named as a Top Safety Pick for 2012 by the IIHS. This means this car received a good rating in all areas- high speed front and side crash tests, head/seat restraint protection against neck injuries in a rear impact crash, and the rollover crash test.

  • Small cars- Mazda 3 (both sedan and hatchback models)

Mazda auto insurance
It's smart to include the cost of insurance when determining what an automobile will cost to own and operate. If you are financing your new or used car, the lender will most likely have certain types of coverage which are required (to protect their investment until the car is paid off) while other coverage may be optional. Remember that every state has minimum requirements with regards to insurance coverage but many times these amounts are dangerously low for true personal protection. Be sure to go over your personal needs and requirements with a qualified agent who can help you formulate a policy which is adequate for your situation.

Insurance for many Mazda models continues to be reasonable despite the rising cost of insurance overall. Companies take many factors into consideration when determining what you will pay for an annual premium. While the make and model of the car you insure certainly is a part of the equation, your personal driving record, age, driving habits and location are generally weighed more heavily by insurance companies when pricing your policy. Be sure to ask about available discounts- these can add up to significant savings if you qualify.

Here are some average insurance costs for an annual premium on various Mazda models. Please remember these are simply estimates and serve only as a guideline as to what you might personally pay.

  • The Mazda Miata generally costs around $1300 for an annual premium.
  • The Mazda Speed 3 is estimated to cost $1775 for a yearly policy.
  • The Mazda Tribute has the lowest cost for a 12-month premium, averaging about $1165.
  • The RX-8 carries the highest rates (due to its sporty nature) and will run about $1940 a year for coverage.