Motorcycle Theft and Fraud

Motorcycle theft and fraud is much easier to perpetrate because motorcycles can easily be broken down and hidden making them significantly harder to recover than other types of stolen vehicles. In fact, the recovery rate for stolen motorcycles is an abysmal 25% to 30% compared to cars and trucks, which have a 60% to 65% recovery rate.

Many newer, higher-end motorcycles can cost upwards of $20,000 making them a very lucrative target of thieves.

In addition, motorcycle theft is a major issue because motorcycles can easily be assembled from replica parts and then sold as an original item. Motorcycle VINs are easy to obtain and apply to the cloned motorcycles after which, they are sold as new name-brand items.

There are several methods to safeguard against motorcycle theft and fraud.

  • Always lock your motorcycle even when storing it in a garage. If possible, you should install an alarm.
  • Try to avoid buying a used cycle that is registered as an "assembled vehicle" and verify that a cycle registered as a specific make and model is not a clone assembled from cheap used or aftermarket parts.
  • Examine a used cycle's title for parts manufactured from different origins and pay special attention to cycles marketed as custom. Custom may mean the cycle was built from stolen or altered aftermarket parts.
  • Pay special attention to any parts reported to have been purchased at a swap meet.
  • If possible have an expert appraise the cycle before purchasing it.