Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Insurance is known as one of the largest insurance companies and finance companies in the world by having over $157 billion in assets. Not only is Nationwide Insurance the fourth largest homeowner insurer, they are also the sixth largest company that handles automobile insurance for customers worldwide. Not only that, Nationwide also boasts being the tenth largest insurer for commercial issues and the sixth largest for both property and casualty insurance.

Nationwide Insurance is dedicated to taking care of their customers needs, whether they are financial or insurance based. At Nationwide, customers will receive a huge range of services and products that can be used towards their auto, home, and family. You can also take advantage of diversified financial services. Agents of Nationwide Insurance are standing by to help make your insurance decisions with you, so you are fully prepared for any emergency that arises. Nationwide Insurance and their employees stand by their commitment to help their customers to the full length of their ability.

History Of Nationwide Insurance
Nationwide Insurance has always provided many different types of insurance, including auto, home, fire, life, and commercial insurance. Also included with their services are administrative services, annuities, mutual funds, pensions, and long-term savings plans. When looking at the Fortune 500, Nationwide Insurance has ranked themselves at 98, and has around 35,000 employees to handle their business. Nationwide has over 16 million policies in force, quite an impressive number. They are the biggest insurance and finance company to be found in the city of Columbus in the state of Ohio.
Nationwide Insurance Company began back in the year 1925 when Ohio Farm Bureau Federation combined with Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, starting with just 100 policyholders. The first product they offered to their customers was auto insurance. The company then became what they are known as today, Nationwide Insurance, in the year 1955.