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Finding affordable auto insurance in Newark, Delaware should be hassle free. With residents of this New Castle County, Delaware city have a resource that will assist them in finding auto insurance that is not only affordable, but is designed with the individual driver in mind. To make this process hassle free and easily understandable we bring multiple companies to you and explain what insurance companies will be considering when factoring your individual rate. It's not just your individual driving record that impacts your rates; it's a combination of this and the overall statistics for your hometown that factor into the equation.

Sometimes driving can be hazardous no matter what speed you are going. Consider the fact that the fatal accidents of 2004 had an average speed of 45mph at the time of impact. When driving at slower speeds it is easy to become distracted by the kids or a ringing cell phone. Make every attempt possible to avoid accidents that might threaten your life or the life of your passenger.

Auto insurance companies are concerned with the number of auto related fatalities in a given area because of the increased risk for insuring drivers in that area. For example, in 2004 there was 1 fatal accident in Newark. This accident affected the lives of 3 people who were traveling in 2 vehicles. Arriving to your destination safely should be your primary concern when driving so avoid distractions and keep both eyes on the road. Reduce your changes of being involved in an accident while simultaneously reducing your auto insurance premium.

Accidents can occur anywhere, even during your daily commute. In Newark the average driver commutes approximately 21.1 minutes each day. Consider participating in a auto pool to reduce the risk of an accident. Also learn how the equipment installed in your vehicle can reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of an accident. Auto safety has come a long way in the past decade and understanding this can help you minimize your risk.

In 2005 there were 85 occurrences of auto theft in Newark. Auto theft can be avoided by taking precautions such as parking in well lit areas. Making your vehicle harder to access and less appealing will reduce the risk and keep the auto insurance company from driving away with all your cash. Additionally there are certain makes and models that are more desirable and if you drive one on the top 10 list of the most stolen vehicles in Delaware you may be paying higher rates on your insurance.

If you feel like you are paying to much and want to examine the alternatives is here to facilitate your experience. Learning how auto insurance companies determine rates will provide you with the tools you need to start saving money today. All needs is your zip code to get started with a quote.

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