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To start your quote for a better rate in the Newport area, enter your zip code now. Not only does give you easy access to better rates for residents of Newport County, Rhode Island, but we also give you information to better understand how auto insurance is determined. Auto insurance premiums are affected by many different factors, and a combination of risk factors determines exactly what you pay. You need to understand how factors such as the type of auto you drive or the city you live in affect your premiums, so you can find better coverage and lower rates. Request a quote to get a better look at your factors and to look at different rates.

Newport residents spend an average of 17.7 minutes driving to and from work every day. If you spend more time in your vehicle, you can still find ways to save money on auto insurance.

Newport alone, not counting neighboring areas, had 1 fatal auto crash in 2004. If you can find ways to stay safe on the road by doing your research, you can save money on your auto insurance.

Two people were involved in these auto crashes. Using the safety equipment in your vehicle, such as the airbags and seatbelts, can help you save lives, and maybe even save money.

Involved in those crashes was 1 vehicle. The way you interact with other drivers is as important as how you drive. You can keep your driving skills fresh and receive discounted insurance by taking driving courses.

The vehicle involved in that crash reported a speed of 25 MPH. You can receive discounts on your insurance by practicing safe driving habits and avoiding accidents.

The city of Newport and its neighboring areas had a total of 55 auto thefts in 2005 alone. You can avoid becoming a statistic by watching where you park, the type of auto you drive, and using anti-theft systems. You may be paying too much for auto insurance, even if your auto is smaller or less expensive, simply because it has a high theft rate. can assist you in finding better rates on insurance, regardless of your current situation. To discover why you may be paying too much for insurance, use the different types of information we provide. Then you can use the site to find better rates on auto insurance. Enter your zip code to request a quote, and get started today. For information on another location, use the links we've provided below.