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Enter your North Platte zip code in the box above to get started saving money on your auto insurance. At, you can compare your current auto insurance premium with the most competitive premiums available in Lincoln County. We also provide you with resources that will help you understand your auto insurance, and understand the "risk factors" that are used to determine your premium. Knowledge is power, and here at, we do our best to give you both. Get started now by entering your home zip code in the box above, and in just minutes you will see what you could be paying for auto insurance instead of what you are paying now.

Here are some statistics that North Platte residents may want to pay attention to. It takes the average North Platte resident 13.8 minutes to drive to work. Your drive may take much less, but it only takes a minute to get involved in an auto accident. In 2004, within the city limits of North Platte, there were 2 auto crashes that resulted in fatalities. There were 3 vehicles and 9 people (including drivers) affected by those crashes. You can avoid being a statistic like this by driving defensively, and the best way to learn how to avoid accidents is by taking a defensive driving course. This will also qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance. Another way to save money on your auto insurance, and save lives if there is an accident, is to make sure your auto is equipped with seat belts and air bags. One other note on these fatal accidents, these were not high-speed crashes. The average auto involved in these fatal crashes was traveling 25 mph. Accidents can happen at any time to anyone, but a safe driver has a better chance of staying out of accidents.

Another thing that can affect your auto insurance premium is the chance of your auto being stolen. In 2005, in the city of North Platte and its surrounding communities, there were 55 auto thefts. Where you park at night and what anti-theft devices you have on your auto are factors that are used by auto insurance companies. Perhaps the most important thing to consider, however, is if your auto is a favorite target for auto thieves, which means you are probably paying more for auto insurance.

The nicest thing about is that no matter what your particular circumstances, we will provide you with auto insurance quotes that are the most competitive quotes in the state of Nebraska. Why not get started now? Enter your zip code in the box above, and you will be on the road to lower auto insurance premiums.

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