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In a world where most people pay too much for their auto insurance, residents of Parkersburg, West Virginia can look to for an alternative to high priced policies. Auto insurance rates can change drastically in just a short time, which means the rate you were paying last year might be higher than the rate you should be paying now. We take the time to educate consumers on what they can do to help reduce their rates, and what things insurance providers consider when providing quotes. Not all companies and types of coverage are the same, so consumers must take time to explore the options before purchasing a policy. That's where comes in.

It's hard to believe that the number of auto thefts in an area can influence the amount you pay for your auto insurance. In fact, these crimes can cause individual rates to skyrocket in just a short amount of time. Each time there is a theft in a given area, companies see this as a risk and in order to insure against loss, raise the rates paid by individuals. In 2005, there were approximately 107 vehicle thefts in the Parkersburg area. Considering the size of the city, this seems high, but compared to other parts of the country, this statistic is very low. However, it still impacts auto insurance rates in Wood County.

Most people associate driving at high speeds with causing accidents; however, this is not always the case. In 2004, the average speed for vehicles involved in fatal accidents was 25 mph. When you take into account that this is the speed limit for school zones, it becomes abundantly clear that not all accidents happen at a high rate of speed. The 4 people involved in the 2 fatal accidents involving a total of 2 vehicles in Parkersburg in 2004 found out that driving slowly can be as fatal as driving fast if you aren't cautious.

Safety is always a factor when it comes to saving lives. Auto insurance companies reward drivers who avoid accidents and have additional safety features on their vehicle by providing discounts. Whether you drive 16.5 minutes to work or more like most residents of Parkersburg, you shouldn't have to worry about paying high premiums on your auto insurance if you practice safe driving and avoid excessive risks.

Reckless driving, excessive speed, auto theft, and commute time can all play havoc on your driving record and on your auto insurance premiums. Fortunately, is here to assist you in finding the most affordable insurance for your situation. Just because you have a few minor dings on your record, you shouldn't have to pay astronomical prices for reliable coverage from a reputable company. Let set you up with a quote today and help you start saving money.