Points on License Premium Factor

Points on licenses are a common and easy way to gauge the risk a driver poses to an insurance company. Most states utilize one of two systems and if a driver is not careful, they can quickly accumulate too manypoints in a very short period of time.

There are several important things to keep in mind when or if you are ever assessed points on your driver's license.

  • Each state has their own statute of limitations regarding when points are removed from your record. For example, if you live in Maine, points only take one year to disappear whereas In Massachusetts, they will remain for six years. You should check with your state's DMV to see exactly how long points remain on your record.
  • If you are ticketed a number of times in a certain period of time, you can easily check with your DMV to obtain your driving record and see how many points you have accumulated. This is good to know so you can take appropriate action such as enrolling in traffic school or taking other points-reducing actions.
  • More and more states are now allowing drivers to obtain their driving records online. You should check your DMV's website to see how or if you can do this. Very often there is a nominal fee attached.
  • It's important to also remember that many times your driving record will follow you from state to state. If you move, remember that many things you'd rather forget such as convictions, accidents, moving violations, and other items will be detailed on your driving record.

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