Prevent Carjacking & Theft

Carjacking-prevention tips:

  • Think of yourself first. Your vehicle and its contents come second.
  • If another car intentionally bumps you, stay in your vehicle with the windows shut and the doors locked. Drive to the nearest police or emergency responder.
  • Stay clear of isolated and poorly lit pay phones, ATMs and other devices that can endanger your safety.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and anybody lurking nearby or towards your vehicle.
  • Keep your windows shut and doors locked; park only in well-lit areas.

Theft-prevention tips:

  • Keep your registration on your person rather than inside your vehicle.
  • Mark your vehicle's VIN using invisible ink under the hood and trunk lid, as well as on the battery.
  • Leave any personal property in your trunk.
  • Use theft-deterrent devices such steering wheel locks, alarms, and VIN etchings.

If your car is stolen, make sure you have

  • The year, make, model and color of your car as well as the license plate number.
  • The date and approximate time the car was stolen.
  • Descriptions of any suspicious persons you saw lingering around your vehicle and names of any possible witnesses.