With a customer base of over 12 million customers, Progressive is ranked the third largest auto insurance provider in the entire US. Progressive is also one of the few companies still based in the US, with their headquarters located in Mayfield Village, Ohio. Along with excellent customer service that can be found both in person and online, Progressive also offers affordable rates and a variety of services. Progressive offers its customers a number of choices on how they buy and shop for auto insurance.

Progressive has a number of different subsidiaries, and all of these subsidiaries are well known for providing a variety of automobile insurance. They also offer property insurance, casualty insurance, and a number of different services for residents of the US. The three categories of insurance and operations that they use are Personal Lines, Commercial Autos, and Other Indemnity. Those who purchase policies for private vehicles or passenger vehicles will find that a personal lines segment writes those policies. Those who purchase a policy for recreational vehicles will need to use a direct channel of independent agency channel.

The commercial auto segment controls liability of vehicles and physical damage that occurs to vehicles. In addition, independent agency channels are responsible for any damages to a vehicle that is the result of the vehicle owner. Officers, directors, and banks are usually offered professional liability insurance through an indemnity clause. Individuals working in the 25 states Progressive provide insurance to, handle a variety of claims and other types of services.
History of Progressive
Progressive is the third largest auto insurance company in the US, with a total of 12 million customers in its base. Joseph Lewis and Jack Green formed Progressive on March 10, 1937. Their goal was to provide better security and protection to all vehicle owners. Their easy payment options along with the number of options they provided made Progressive a popular choice for customers. Customers could easily pay for their auto insurance in monthly installments, which was easier than making the lump sum payment that other companies required. Progressive believed that giving customers the option of an installment plan made it easier for everyone to afford auto insurance, and afford the right to protect their vehicle.
As the company continued its steady growth, it also looked for ways to make their company even better. One of those changes was moving their head office to the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio. After Joe Lewis died in 1955, Jack Green was named CEO. Lewis's son Peter eventually helped changed the company by bringing it up to date. His new ideas helped Progressive move up in the world of auto insurance, and begin to compete with other companies. In 1956 the company formed the Progressive Casualty Company. The purpose of that company was to provide high-risk drivers with auto insurance. The company expanded into regular auto insurance with Progressive during the 1960s. In the 1970s they turned into a public company. During this same time frame they also moved their offices from Cleveland to Mayfield Village, Ohio. Within a few years the company had grown to the point where they were selling $1 billion in premiums alone. With this development, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as NYSE.PGR. It is important to note that Progressive changed the way auto insurance companies worked, and never once used the same policies as other companies. They instituted a new way to purchase auto insurance, and also brought forth a new way of handling claims. Customers were able to file a claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
By 1992 Progressive had become the largest auto insurance seller in the country, and decided to work on non-standardized auto insurance as well. The company passed the $2 billion mark in terms of insurance premiums simply by offering a variety of products and services for their drivers. To increase their sales they later added the option of comparing rates from their competitors when shopping direct from the company. Customers were enthusiastic to this change since they had grown accustomed to shopping around by calling dozens of other companies and sitting on hold for hours at a time. The same customer could now call Progressive direct and get a quote directly from the company as well as rates from three of their leading competitors. The customer would receive answers to all of their questions, and then decide whether or not to purchase a policy. If they decided to purchase the policy, the customer could buy from a local agent, or make a purchase right over the phone.
Progressive then took things a step further in 1994 by limiting the number of casualties and serious injuries that occurred in accidents and crashes. They created the IRV, or Immediate Response Vehicle. This vehicle brought specialized and highly trained professionals in the claims world to the scene of an accident, wherever the accident might be. As long as the customer needed help, they sent the IRV. Progressive created a new type of claims service in 2003 that was completely different than any other company. This service gave customers all the services they need and allowed the company to take control after an accident. The company would now be responsible for handling the repairs to the vehicle, rather than requiring the individual to do it. Progressive wants to do more than make things easier for their customers; they also want to help customers find that peace of mind they deserve.
You can contact the company through a variety of ways. One way is through their website, which launched in 1995. Customers immediately loved the website, and the features it provided. Customers could now comparison shop online, and receive rates from Progressive as well as their competitors. By 1997 the website even allowed customers to purchase policies online, and became one of the leaders in online auto insurance. More than a million people visit the website every month, making it one of the most popular auto insurance websites. Those who are at home can easily purchase auto insurance just by visiting Those who would prefer to shop in real life can purchase a policy from one of their independent agents or a broker in their local area.
Progressive has always been devoted to keeping its customers happy and satisfied. To this end they recently created Personal Progressive. This online policy management system is tailor made for each individual customer. They can change their coverage or make payments at any time, or anywhere. To keep ahead of their competitors, Progressive is constantly making changes in the services and products they offer. They want you to be able to do what you want, when you want. By doing this, they have managed to make Progressive one of the largest providers of auto insurance in the US.