Prudential Insurance

Prudential Insurance provides services throughout the US and in more than 30 different countries. The company works with institutional customers as well as retail customers, and offers investment management services and insurance policies. The company offers a number of different services and products for their customers. Some of the products they offer are mutual fund investments, retirement investments, annuities, and life insurance. Bache & Co. was a stock brokerage company that was acquired by Prudential in 1981. This became the first wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The company closed their block businesses, and began focusing on organizing their main operations into financial service oriented businesses.

The roots of Prudential date back to 1875 when the company was first formed in New Jersey. The original name of the company was the Friendly Insurance Company and sold only industrial life insurance. The company later acquired hundreds of different subsidiaries and increased their holdings to over $1.9 trillion. In August of 2004, they secured the headquarters of their company. Prudential uses the Rock of Gibraltar as their logo, though they have not used a slogan since the 1980's. On the New York Stock Exchange, the company is traded under the acronym PRU.

Prudential reached a new level when the company acquired American Skandia in May of 2003. This company was the biggest provider of variable annuities in the US, especially to professionals in the financial world. A year later, the company acquired the CIGNA Corporation, a leader in retirement planning. That same year the company received some threats to their security, and took strong measures to protect themselves. The company added x-ray machines and concrete barriers just to enhance their security. When the human rights campaign released their ratings on corporate equity indexes in 2003, they rated Prudential a 100%.
More About Prudential Insurance
Prudential has millions of clients throughout the United States, making it one of the largest providers of financial services in the world. The company wants to help individuals protect their assets as well as help those assets grow. They give their clients access to advice on what to do, and the choice of many different products. Their clients can also ask questions of financial professionals and advisors working with the company. The company has built itself on a commitment to maintaining their high standards and maintaining their integrity. Their customer base ranges from large institutions to individuals. This only adds to the diversity and variety of services they offer. The company has a number of subsidiaries that sell short term insurance, group insurance, and other popular offerings. The group insurance division manages accidental death and dismemberment policies. Their investment group works with retirement benefits, financial advice, and asset management.
Prudential also utilizes an asset management division. The purpose of this division is to help customers with their mutual funds, investment issues, and management services as well as other fund and financial products. The financial advisory division is responsible for products such as advisory services in the brokerage and financial areas, as well as securities. Other ideas this division handles are wrap free products, equity sales, and trading operations. Prudential also offers a retirement division to deal with setting up and implementing retirement plans for clients.
International investments are another category of Prudential. This division helps clients with their management and investment advice, as well as banking and a variety of other products. The private wealth management section is responsible for private banking, advising in the financial sector, trading, and sales. This division works with retail customers and institutions.
History Of Prudential Insurance
Prudential Insurance began in 1875 and has worked since then to create a lasting relationship with its clients. The company bases their success on their firm leadership and the variety of services they provide to their clients, as well as their long history of strong relationships. John Fairfield Dryden launched the company under its original name, Prudential Friendly Society. Prudential was unique because it provided life insurance for the working class, something that had never been done before. Their first insurance sales were designed to help workers pay for funeral and burial expenses once they or their loved ones died. This was such a popular option that the company began growing rapidly. Within four years, the company was able to grow beyond their original base of New Jersey, and into other areas, which showed their growth. The sales of the company quickly grew, and by 1885 they would reach sales of $1 million.
By the time the twentieth century arrived, the company had changed to a mutual company from a sheer stock company. Many people consider the golden age of the company to be the 1940's, due to the tremendous growth of its assets. They moved their offices to locations across the country, instead of keeping everything in New Jersey. During the 1980's, the company began focusing on marketing their analysis to the masses. By 1990 the company had assets of $100 billion in terms of consolidated assets. The company did something a little surprising in 2001, when it changed from a mutual company to one entirely owned by shareholders. While it was surprising, it was also something that helped the company grow once again.
Prudential Insurance In The Workplace
Prudential Insurance offers a number of opportunities for clients and potential clients. They continue to expand throughout the world and into new areas, and remain determined that all clients will experience the best they have to offer. This has helped them design and deliver a variety of different services and products to clients in the workplace. They have offices in over 30 countries, which means that they have employees living in the US and all around the world. They believe that their hiring of different races, ages, sexual orientation, and religion make them a strong company with a large pool of experience and talent from all types of people and all walks of life.