Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

No one likes to think about auto insurance until they really have to think about it. If you have an accident, do you know for sure how well you're covered in case your car is knocked out of commission?

Most drivers are shocked to discover they aren't covered for rental cars until they have an accident. Typically, it takes about two weeks for the average repair job. If you need a rental car for that time, it can add up quickly to over $500 and more if your vehicle is out for a longer time.

Smart insured drivers know that for just a few dollars a month, if they are ever in an accident and they need a rental car, their insurance policy will pay for one for as long as is needed. When most people buy their insurance policies, they aim for the lowest barebones premium without any add-ons. But if rental car coverage only costs $1 to $2 per month, it can quickly pay for itself even if you go for a long time without an accident.

In addition, if the accident is the other driver's fault, it will take some time to sort out the details of the accident. By having this type of coverage, you don't have to wait to be reimbursed for a rental car.