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Looking for the most reasonable and extensive auto insurance quotes can be timely, but not at our website! By putting your zip code in the search menu bar at the top of this page, you can quickly and easily browse some of the best quotes online. In the interim, here are some statistics to help you decide what type of coverage would be best for you in Saco, Maine.

York County, Maine hosts the city of Saco. The average driver spends 22.4 minutes in their auto, commuting to and from work. Saco also had a total of 2 fatal crashes in 2004, and it is important to note that this does not include any fatal accidents in the surrounding towns or cities. Four people and 3 vehicles were involved in the crashes. The majority of the autos that were involved in accidents in Saco were traveling at a reserved speed of 25 mph, which means that many of the instances did not have pure speed as a heavily involved factor. Seat belts, air bags, and attention to posted speeds and traveling conditions can help individuals receive lower auto insurance premiums, as well as arrive and travel safely.

Anti-theft devices are important because they help deter crime of autos. Individuals with alarms are less likely to have their autos stolen. Since this is the case, individuals with alarms will notice a lower premium compared to those who do not, since the vehicle is not as much of a liability to the insurance company. In 2005, Saco experienced a theft of approximately 40 autos. As a result, individuals can enjoy a reduced auto insurance rate when they have an anti-theft device.

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