Senior Driver Discount

Older or mature drivers often qualify for all sorts of discounts:
  • Senior Driver Discounts: If you are aged 50 years and older, most insurance companies will offer a 5% discount. Other companies such as AARP Hartford do this automatically.
  • Senior Driver Safety Course: Some companies, instead of offering an automatic discount, will instead require mature drivers take a safety course. You usually must be at least 55 and can expect a 5% discount for three years. Sometimes you can also combine a mature driver discount with a mature driver safety course discount.
  • Personal Injury Protection Discounts: Usually, at 65 years old, most states offer a standard 5% Personal Injury Protection discount.
  • Retired Driver Discounts: Retirees can seek discounts up to 5% because they likely drive a lot less now that they aren't commuting to and from a job every day.

Not all companies offer the same discounts so you will need to inquire first.