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With all the compelling statistics in South Portland, drivers not only need to know about the different options for auto insurance, they need to also know the prices. If you are looking for affordable and ideal auto insurance, try inserting your zip code into the top search menu. We are ready and eager to give you a quote!

When getting a quote, many prospective insurance applicants may believe that the quote they are given is quite arbitrary. The fact of the matter is, at, we have a formula for devising the appropriate auto insurance for an individual. Not only does the individual's driving record need to be taken in to consideration, in order to determine the level of competency that they possess when it comes to driving, statistics of the surrounding area also need to be weighted to determine the proper auto premium. No matter how flawless an individual might be when it comes to operating an automobile, the environment of the individual can be almost, if not more, important. While a person can control their own actions, they cannot control the actions of those around them, and insurance companies understand this. This is why works hard to educate individuals who are looking into their auto insurance services. The company wants the individuals to understand how they arrive at their premium and that the number is not at all random or uninformed.

The more often an individual is on the road, the more vulnerable they are to accidents that might take place on the road. As a very loose metaphor, you can only swim with the sharks for so long until something happens. The more an individual is on the road, the more likely they are to witness or be involved in an accident. In order to determine the amount of time a person spends on the road driving, insurance companies look at the work commute for the individual. Since most drivers go back and forth from work about five times a week, insurance companies get a base line for the amount of hours spent in the auto. With the average commute time in South Portland being 17.3 minutes, even commuters with longer drives can save time and money in Cumberland County. Despite the short commute for most drivers on average, there were still 2 fatal crashes in South Portland, excluding other nearby towns or cities, involving a total of 4 vehicles and 5 individuals. Seat belts and airbags, in addition to other safety features, can help drivers save money on their auto insurance premiums. Most of the vehicles involved in these crashes were found to be traveling around 30 mph. It is important to note that even at low speeds, accidents can still occur and become tragic.

South Portland reported an estimated 33 auto thefts in the year 2005. Since insurance companies can be held liable for thefts, they need to know where one's auto is parked, especially at night. wants to help make sure that the drivers are educated, knowledgeable, and prepared to potentially save lives and money. Driving safely and being educated when it comes to auto statistics can help individuals in South Portland and beyond when it comes to saving money. For additional details about insurance in the Pine Tree State, or any of the other 49 States, please feel free to use the links at the bottom of this page.

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