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Spokane Valley, Washington is a city of around 87,000 located in Spokane County and is the seventh most populous city in the state. Spokane Valley is a fast-growing community that has quickly urbanized into a strong retail presence with the completion of the Spokane Valley Mall in the late 90s.

The city is primarily serviced by Interstate 90 and State Route 290 (East Trent Avenue). Compared to the rest of the state Spokane Valley’s annual fatal accident count is typically lower. Public transportation is provided by the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) with bus service.

Spokane Valley is within a temperate semi-arid climate and experiences cold winters with occasional blizzards and hot summers with low to moderate humidity. Annual precipitation is pretty scant with most of that coming in late spring and early summer. The region can also see violent thunderstorms with severe thunder and lightning storms, torrential rain, hail, and tornadoes.