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Spring Valley, Nevada is a city of around 155,000 spread about an area of about 33 square miles. It is located in Clark County and is only about two miles away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Spring Valley is suburb of Las Vegas and largely consists of master-planned housing developments and strip malls. The local economy is largely supported by retail and the service industry.

Spring Valley is large part of a busy and crowded metropolitan area and so road traffic can be congested and carries with it the associated risk to life and property. The major highways serving the Spring Valley area are I-15 and CC-215. Residents and visitors can also elect to ride aboard busses operated by Citizens Area Transit (CAT).

Spring Valley is situated in the Mojave Desert region so it typically sees many more dry days than wet. The area does experience its fair share of flash floods during the rainier months. This can inundate low-lying areas and sometimes create sinkholes. Further still, because it so seldom rains, roads accumulate oil and tar, which can create very slippery conditions when they are wet. Other weather-related problems are occasional dusty conditions, which can create low visibility and scratch a car’s windshield and finish.