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Located on the north bank of the Mississippi River near its convergence with the Minnesota River, St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota and one of the “Twin Cities” with Minneapolis. The city has become defined by its close proximity to water, which has spurred its growth and established it as a landing port in the region.

The city was founded as a trading and transportation center near historic Native American settlements. Today millions of tourists come to St. Paul for the Xcel Energy Center and the Science Museum of Minnesota in addition to many other notable attractions. St. Paul is the business hub of the upper Midwest, headquartering many companies within its boundaries.

Winters in St. Paul are cold and snowy at times hue to passing Arctic air masses and summers are hot and humid giving the city one of the greatest temperature ranges in the country. St. Paul is also prone to severe weather with regular snow, sleet and ice in the winter as well as rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes and fog in the fall, spring and summer.

Crime rates in the city are above the national averages with all violent crimes and most property offenses ranking significantly higher than the national average.
Crime and Fatal Accident Statistics (2008)
Fatal Accidents Cars Involved People Involved Pedestrian Accidents Caused by DUI/DWI Auto Thefts (2008)
7 11 22 2 3 2076
City Driving
Pop increase from commuters Avg. commute time
+41,497 21.1 minutes
Avg. rainfall Avg. Temp (annual)
26.36 inches rain Jan. 11.2F, July 70.6F (44.7F)
Major Highways
  • St. Paul is easily access via Interstate 94, which intersects the city east to west and I-35E from north and south.
  • I-494 and I-694 forms a beltway system which provides access to seven federal and 13 state routes running and out of metropolitan St. Paul.
Total no. of bridges Total length Avg. daily traffic Avg. daily truck traffic
506 18970ft 15093113 489812
  • St Paul Downtown Holman Field Airport
  • Lake Elmo Airport
Passenger rail service is provided by Amtrak on its Chicago to Seattle route.
Public Transportation
St. Paul is pretty easy to get around due to its robust freeway system and light population density.Public bus service is provided by Twin Cities' Metropolitan Council Transit Operations (MCTO), which is one of the largest bus systems in the country operating regular routes between the two cities and surrounding areas.
Facts and Figures
Population (2009) Male Female Change since 2000 Living/Working Area in Sq. Miles
-2.1% 62,898 53
Zip Codes
55101, 55102, 55103, 55104, 55105, 55106, 55107, 55108, 55109, 55110, 55111, 55112, 55113, 55114, 55115, 55116, 55117, 55118, 55119, 55120, 55121, 55122, 55123, 55124, 55125, 55126, 55127, 55128, 55129, 55130, 55133, 55144, 55145, 55146, 55155, 55164, 55165, 55166, 55168, 55169, 55170, 55171, 55172, 55175, 55187, 55188
Arenas/Sport Teams
  • Xcel Energy Center/Minnesota Wild (NHL), Minnesota Swarm
  • Midway Stadium/St. Paul Saints
  • James Griffin Stadium/St. Paul Twin Stars

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Complaints and Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies usually have processes for customers to report fraud and submit complaints. If your company doesn't have a reporting system or fraud hotline, contact its headquarters.

If you've witnessed or are a victim of insurance fraud in St. Paul, you should report it to the following organizations:

  • St. Paul Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Minnesota Department of Insurance
  • Minnesota Attorney General
  • Coalition Against Insurance Fraud (CAIF)
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)