The General

The General, which is shortened from The General Automobile Insurance Services is an insurance company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company has been writing auto insurance policies in select states since 1963. The General has made a name for itself by offering coverage to drivers who are considered higher risk. They don’t shy from insuring drivers who may have had accidents, haven’t kept their insurance current, have poor credit, or a history of violations. They can even help drivers who need an SR-22 filing.

The General knows their policy-members have and want to spend their money on stuff other than auto insurance. The company offers low down payments to all of its customers and for added convenience, allows payments by credit or debit card as well as electronic checks in select states. By combining budget-conscious payment options and electronic driver and vehicle verification, The General assures there are no surprises when they are needed most. Best of all, by focusing on serving their customers, they have found the perfect formula for success.