Trouble Finding Auto Insurance

There are several reasons you could be denied auto insurance coverage including a bad driving record; owning a special, high performance vehicle; being a novice driver with no to little insurance history; or you live in an area with high theft and vandalism.

In these cases, you can pursue two possible options:

State assigned risk pool
Insurance companies participate in state assigned risk pools according to a percentage of business they do in a state. Insurers must insure motorists assigned and the risk that comes with them. Premiums will be substantially higher than a normal policy but you will have coverage. If you need to find your state assigned risk pool then you should contact your insurance representative or your state insurance department.

Find a high-risk policy from an insurance company that covers high-risk drivers
Some insurers specialize in non-standard policies written specifically for drivers with poor records, high-performance vehicles, or residing in high-risk areas. Sometimes these policies are a better deal than state assigned risk pool policies. You may also be able to get more comprehensive coverage than basic liability. If you need a list of companies who sell non-standard insurance policies, you can contact your insurance agent or state insurance department.