Van Insurance

Vans are typically a very popular choice for many different businesses such as couriers, florists, caterers, skilled workers such as electricians and plumbers, plus many more.

It's always very important to have proper commercial van insurance so you and your business are protected from calamity. You especially want to make sure you have at least the minimum amount of liability coverage in case you or your employees cause damage to other people and their property.

Consider also getting physical damage coverage for those instances where your van may be damaged in an accident. It's important to make sure you have enough coverage so any repair or replacement costs don't end up eating into your profits.

Finally, if you work as an independent contractor and use your van for making deliveries or service calls, your employer's insurance may cover the products and goods you transport as cargo. Their commercial policy may extend also to cover you with their liability insurance while you're working. This is especially true if they have Any Auto coverage.

Be sure to check with your employer about what is and isn't covered. If you are only protected while you are making deliveries or performing services, then you may want to consider your own commercial van insurance policy.

Some of the more commonly insured van types include: cargo, delivery, company/fleet,minivans, passenger, wheelchair, and step vans as well as Sprinter trucks.