Auto Insurance by Vehicle Make

Buying automobile insurance is like most other significant purchases that you make. The more research you do and the better informed you become greatly increase the chances of making a smart and practical decision. This especially holds true when shopping around for car insurance. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, your insurance premiums can range from very affordable to extremely expensive. Of course, these aren’t the only factors which determine the cost of your premiums. Location, driving history and other circumstances directly affect the price you will be charged. Here you will find discussed specific car-related issues which can greatly influence the overall cost of your car insurance premium- issues which you may actually have some control over.

Two of the most significant factors affecting the cost of your auto insurance premium are the make and model of your vehicle. If you drive an expensive make of car from a “luxury” manufacturer, the odds are you will be charged a much higher premium to insure your automobile. The reason for this is that parts, labor, and repair costs are usually higher for these types of vehicles and insurance companies take this into account when formulating your policy. If you are considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, it would be smart to take into consideration the insurance costs before making your final decision. The age of the car, along with the mileage and available warranties, also can influence the price of your insurance premium.

The type of car you drive also helps determine your insurance cost. Typically, a sports car will be more expensive to insure than a sedan. This is due to the fact that sports cars tend to have a higher accident-rate than sedans and are often driven in a very different (risky) manner. Even the color of your car can affect the cost. Red-colored vehicles tend to demand a higher cost than silver-colored ones, for example.

Safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and anti-theft devices can considerably lower your premium costs. Other factors taken into account by insurance companies are where the vehicle is located (and parked at night) and your personal driving habits.

When shopping for affordable, yet comprehensive car insurance, it would be smart to consider all of the above mentioned factors before making a final decision. If you have not yet purchased a vehicle, give serious thought to the make and model of the car and what the cost of insuring it will be. Rates can vary wildly depending on many circumstances (including your personal driving history, etc) and the time to investigate and go over your options is before you sign on the dotted line. Know what discounts are available and which ones you may qualify for. Being a well-informed and savvy consumer can add up to big savings when buying auto insurance.

Click on any one of the links above to investigate specific makes and models more thoroughly. The data is constantly being evaluated and updated which helps you to make an informed decision using the latest industry information. By doing a bit of research beforehand and knowing what factors can influence your premium costs, you can be confident when you put together your auto insurance policy that it is both comprehensive and affordable.