Cadillac Car Insurance

Find out about discounts, safety ratings and other important information which can save you money on car insurance.

Cadillac is a division of General Motors and is considered the luxury arm of the automotive giant. Cadillac was founded over a century ago and is based in Warren, Michigan. Over the years, it has gained a strong foothold in many of the world’s most important markets. American consumers have long considered Cadillac the number one American-made luxury automobile. The cars are well-known for their spaciousness as well as for their classy, stylish bodies.

But Cadillac’s history has not been without a number of rough spots along the way. Soon after it was founded, Cadillac was in severe financial trouble and nearly was forced to liquidate its inventory and close its doors. But the company turned their focus to the single cylinder engine and was able to make a remarkable turnaround.

In 1902, Cadillac introduced its first model, the original HP Classic. It was very similar to the Ford Model-T and was known as one of the first “horseless carriages”. This model was shown at the New York Auto Show in 1903 and was favorably received and awarded as the superior automobile compared to its other competitors. Over the next ten years, Cadillac designed the A, B, C, E, F, K, M, S, and T Models. During its long history, Cadillac has produced such innovative accessories as the full electrical system, the manual transmission and the steel body. The company went on to set the American automobile industry standard with its hallmark stylish finish, its precise engineering, and the V-8 engine which it invented.

In recent years, Cadillac has earned the reputation of being a leading luxury car and is recognized and considered in the same class of automobiles as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Consequently, insurance rates for Cadillac models have continued to increase.

Many factors go into determining what you will pay for car insurance. The make and model of the vehicle is a big consideration but it is not the only one. Most insurance companies rely more on the personal data of the insured driver than on just the car information alone. This includes your age, personal driving record, where you live, and your driving habits. Be sure to check on available discounts and ask your agent if you qualify. Also remember that normally the more safety features your automobile features, the less you will pay for coverage.

Cadillac crash test scores
Cadillac models generally scored average to above average in all areas of crash test results. But most models did not do well in the area of rear crash protection. Two models were awarded with the top safety ratings for 2009: the Cadillac CTS and the Cadillac SRX.

What about Cadillac insurance risk?
Cadillac models are not considered a commonly stolen vehicle in a study conducted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. A low theft rate can sometimes lower your insurance premium but it varies from company to company. Certainly mention this fact to your agent when you are putting together your personal policy.

Again, remember that the cost of an annual insurance policy can vary greatly depending on many factors. We offer the following quotes simply as a guideline and they are not to be considered as a true dollar amount of what you will pay. Generally a Cadillac SRX will cost approximately $1500 per year to insure but a Cadillac STS-Vs can run you around $2300. The Cadillac XLR is the most expensive model to insure and can cost around $2450 for an annual premium.