Dodge Car Insurance

Find out about discounts, safety ratings and other important information which can save you money on car insurance.

Brothers John F. and Horace E Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company in 1900 in Detroit. They initially produced transmissions for Ransom E. Olds (of Oldsmobile fame) and beginning in 1903 became the major supplier of drive trains to the Ford Motor Company. Their first Dodge automobile entered the market in 1914 and was an instant success. Strangely, both brothers died in the year 1920 and the company was left to the brothers’ widows. It remained an independent car manufacturer until 1928 when it became a part of the newly formed Chrysler Corporation.

The company which began in 1928 has seen many changes and had many different ownerships during its long history. Chrysler is currently in partnership with Fiat and the conventional wisdom says that more Dodge models will be discontinued as the new ownership exerts its influence.

The Dodge Colt was one of the most successful cars ever produced by the company. It was made in conjunction with Mitsubishi and was designed to compete with AMC’s now famous Gremlin. Car owners loved it for its small size and inexpensive parts and repairs. The Dodge Charger was a hugely popular muscle car in the 1970s known for its sporty looks and high performance engine.

Under Daimler-Chrysler ownership, the Charger was redesigned and re-entered the market in 2006. However, soaring gas prices and the expensive costs of maintaining and insuring the vehicle slowed the sales of the once iconic sports car. Today, Dodge’s most popular models are the Durango SUV and the Grand Caravan minivan.

If you own a Dodge or are considering purchasing one, you will find that insurance rates vary greatly depending on the model of car. The Grand Caravan minivans enjoy relatively low rates because family vehicles typically perform better in crash tests and crashes themselves are less frequent and less severe. The Durango will generally cost more to insure because it is a high-powered vehicle and therefore, more likely to be involved in a crash.

Sports car loving owners of the new Dodge Charger can expect to pay much higher premiums than owners of other Dodge models. The Charger features a high performance engine and has a higher rate of accidents. This translates to expensive repairs and crashes which result in more serious injuries. Add to this the fact that the Charger is the 7th most-stolen car in the U.S. and it’s easy to understand why insurance premiums for this model come with a hefty price tag.

An important thing to remember when deciding on car insurance is that rates are formulated and based mainly on statistics. An example is that a person will almost always pay more to insure a red convertible sports car than a silver mid-sized family sedan. Why? Because statistics bear out that the sports car is much more likely to be driven at a high speed and recklessly than the sedan and will therefore have a higher accident rate. It’s something to consider when shopping for insurance.

Be a smart consumer and learn the facts about the Dodge model of car you want to insure. Then contact several car insurance companies and compare quotes. The make and model aren’t the only factors which your insurance company will use to formulate your policy. Your personal driving history, your age, and other pertinent data will also be a big determinant. You can help keep your car insurance costs at a reasonable level by doing a few simple things: drive safely, take advantage of available discounts, add security and safety features to your automobile, and maintain a good credit score. All of these things can help lower the price you will pay!

Crash Test Results for Dodge
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named its Top Safety Picks for 2012 and Dodge had the following models included:

  • Midsize cars: Dodge Avenger
  • Large cars: Dodge Charger
  • Midsize SUVs: Dodge Durango and Dodge Journey
  • Minivans: Dodge Grand Caravan

All cars were judged and awarded good performance ratings in all of these categories: front, side, rollover and rear crash tests and standard electronic stability control.

Dodge Theft Risks
Dodge cars make up nearly 9% of the top 100 stolen vehicles according to the National Crime Insurance Bureau. Older models are popular with car thieves because they normally do not have sophisticated security systems or safety features. The new and used models included in the report were: Caravan, Dodge Ram Pickup, Intrepid, Neon, Dakota, Dynasty, Spirit, Stratus, and the Shadow. Insuring one of these models could possibly raise your insurance rates. Check with a qualified agent for more specific information.

Dodge auto insurance prices
Remember that the cost of insuring your car will depend on different factors. The make and model will be considered in the calculations but so will your personal information and driving history. The following quotes are simply estimates of what you might pay for an annual premium and are solely intended to assist you in planning for and budgeting your insurance costs. Annual insurance for a Dodge Dakota will average around $1260. The Sprinter series of automobiles carries a price tag of around $1530 while the Dodge Viper is the most expensive model to insure, coming in at an average cost of $2450 per year. The Grand Caravan and the Nitro are two of the least expensive models to insure with rates of about $1230 for an annual premium.