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Although Fiat is a relative newcomer to the American automobile market, it has a long and rich history within Europe and the rest of the world. Giovanni Agnelli founded Fiat in 1899. The name “FIAT” is an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino which translates to Italian Automobile Factory of Turin. Today, Fiat not only manufactures automobiles and engines, it is also a financial and industrial empire still based in the Italian city of Turin. For over one hundred years, Fiat has also produced military vehicles, railway engines and carriages, and aircraft.

Fiat brand cars are manufactured in factories all over the world. Outside of Italy, the largest producer of Fiat cars is Brazil where it is leads the market in automotive sales. It has numerous production partnerships with many countries, including France, Turkey, Serbia, India and China.

Today, Fiat is the number one car manufacturer in Italy. It offers a wide variety of vehicles starting with small sized, fuel efficient economy cars and continuing on to sports cars bearing the Ferrari name and even heavy duty commercial trucks. The Fiat group has several automotive companies under its banner, including Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia. While it is just entering the U.S. car market, Fiat is a highly respected automobile company which has received numerous honors and awards for its innovation and designs. Since the award was first given nearly 40 years ago, Fiat has won the coveted European Car of the Year Award twelve times. This makes it the all-time leader among car manufacturers in being so honored.

In 2009, Fiat entered into a partnership with financially troubled Chrysler. This was seen as a good deal for both companies since it gave Chrysler immediate access to a wide range of fuel efficient cars and also allowed Fiat an easy entrance into the American automotive market. Fiat initially acquired around 35% of Chrysler but has since increased its holding to more than 53%. The prevailing thought today is that Fiat may bring in a third investor to further strengthen the company’s market share and also give it an infusion of cash.

Currently there is only one Fiat model available in the U.S. The Fiat 500 comes in various styles such as the Pop, Sport, and Lounge. The Fiat 500c, a convertible, also offers a Pop and Lounge version. The Fiat 500 by Gucci is an upgraded model featuring the famous Gucci red and green colors as striping on the exterior while the Fiat 500 Pink Ribbon honors breast cancer awareness with pink striping. The Fiat 500 Abarth model completes the American inventory of Fiat cars.

Fiat has used an aggressive marketing strategy for its 500 model. The biggest name to endorse the Fiat 500 is Jennifer Lopez who signed a lucrative deal to lend her enormous star power to the car manufacturer’s advertising campaign. She has been seen in both television and print ads driving a Fiat 500, but even this hasn’t been without controversy! It was recently reported that while Jennifer did do the filming of the ad, the section she filmed was actually shot in Los Angeles. The finished product, which showed her driving around her old neighborhood in New York City, was shot using a body double. Obviously, Fiat defended their actions and Ms. Lopez continues as a Fiat spokesperson.

If you own a Fiat or are considering purchasing one, you can expect your insurance to run about the same as for other Chrysler models. The make and style of vehicle you insure will be a consideration when calculating your annual premium costs but these are not the only factors taken into account. Your personal driving record, your age, where you live, and even your credit score/history will be used to determine how much you will pay for coverage. Be sure to get quotes from several different car insurance companies before making your final decision. Also ask about available discounts which, if you qualify, can significantly lower your annual premium cost.

Fiat Crash Test Results
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Fiat 500 one of its Top Safety Picks for 2012. It’s important to note that is for the Fiat 500 model built after July 2011. The models built before this date had marginal to poor test results in crash tests. Cars are tested for their performance in front, side, rollover, and rear crash tests as well as standard electronic stability control.