Lincoln Car Insurance

The Lincoln brand of automobiles has always conjured up images of luxury and sophistication. Henry M. Leland founded the company in 1917 and later sold it to Henry Ford in 1922. From the very beginning, Lincoln vehicles were designed for and catered to the very affluent sector of the American car buying public. One of the most famous cars ever produced was the Lincoln Town Car. When it was introduced in 1981 it was an instant success. It typified what everyone wanted in a luxury sedan at that time- opulence, size, enormous engine power, and no concern for gas mileage estimates. Today’s models continue the tradition of class, comfort, and style.

Lincoln was the first car manufacturer to design and sell a luxury SUV. Production of the Lincoln Navigator began in May of 1997 and the first models were sold to eager customers in August of that same year. Lincoln tapped into a then-unknown desire of Americans to drive large, well-appointed, comfortable SUVs. What made the Navigator unique among the other SUVs being produced at the time were its upscale styling, lavish use of high-end interior materials, and other high performance accessories and features. Despite sporting a hefty price tag for the debut model (over $42,000), the Navigator was an immediate success and sold nearly 44,000 vehicles in its first year on the market. Its massive success didn’t go unnoticed as many competitors soon began selling their own versions of the luxury SUV, such as the Cadillac Escalade and the GMC Denali Series. Today, the Navigator is Lincoln’s biggest seller.

Even in today’s tough economic climate, Lincoln continues to lead the way in the auto industry by offering consumers various makes and models along with different purchasing options. The company also uses incentives and rebates to attract customers and help them achieve the dream of Lincoln car ownership. Lincoln was founded on the idea of manufacturing and selling luxury automobiles to the American public. One of Henry Ford’s lasting legacies to the Lincoln division was his wish to create vehicles of great quality and luxury without sacrificing dependability. Considering the popularity of Lincoln over the many years of its history, it seems he was successful!

In the insurance business, it is normally expected that the higher the sticker price of a vehicle, the higher the cost to insure that automobile. Since Lincoln is a very prestigious car brand, purchasing auto insurance for it will not be cheap. This is due in part to the more expensive parts and labor costs associated with repairing an expensive car in the event of an accident. Any time you are shopping for insurance, it is a smart idea to compare quotes from different companies so that you can get the best possible coverage at the most reasonable price.

There are things you can personally do to help lower the cost of car insurance coverage. Drive safely. Ask about a low-mileage discount if you qualify. Check your credit report to make sure it is up-to-date and accurate. Generally the more safety features your car has, the lower it will cost to insure.

Lincoln risk considerations
The National Insurance Crime Bureau regularly issues a list of the Top 100 Most Stolen Vehicles. The only Lincoln vehicle to be named in this report is the Lincoln Town Car. Being named to this list does not necessarily mean that you will pay more to insure one of these models. However, it is worth mentioning to an agent beforehand and finding out if there will be an increase in your rates. Other factors, including where the vehicle is located, are used when determining annual premium rates.

Crash Test Results for Lincoln
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named its Top Safety Picks for 2012 and Lincoln had the following models included:

  • Midsize Luxury: Lincoln MKZ
  • Large Luxury: Lincoln MKS
  • Midsize Luxury SUVs: Lincoln MKT and Lincoln MKX

All cars were judged and awarded good performance ratings in all of these categories: front, side, rollover and rear crash tests and standard electronic stability control.

Average costs for Lincoln auto insurance
A smart consumer should always include the cost of car insurance when budgeting for car ownership expenses. An expensive, luxury brand such as Lincoln will generally cost significantly more to insure than a more moderately priced vehicle. Most companies will consider the make and model of the car you are insuring but will also factor in your personal information. Annual premium costs can vary considerably depending on your age, driving record, where you live, and even your credit history.

Nearly every insurance company offers discounts to their customers. These can range from good driver discounts to discounts for bundling your policies (such as life, home, renter’s, etc). If you have a teenager driver in the family, many companies have a good student discount if your child maintains a certain grade point average. There are usually discounts for completing driver’s training and/or defensive driving courses.

The average cost of an annual premium for a Lincoln model is $1530. The Lincoln M Series generally are the most expensive when it comes to car insurance. The Lincoln MKS is estimated to be around $1775 for a yearly premium while the Lincoln Town Car can cost approximately $1385. To insure a Lincoln Navigator for one year will average around $1530.