Oldsmobile Car Insurance

Although the company is no longer manufacturing automobiles, Oldsmobile had a long and successful history before the brand was discontinued in 2004. It was founded by Ransom E. Olds in 1897 in Lansing, Michigan. In 1901, it produced 425 cars and thus became the first large manufacturer of gasoline-powered automobiles. Ransom Olds left the company and founded the REO Motor Car Company. General Motors then purchased the company in 1908.

In 1910, Oldsmobile produced the Limited Touring model which was a huge success. It retailed for $4600 which, at the time, was more than the price of a new three-bedroom house. It came with goatskin upholstery, a 60 horsepower engine, running boards and seating for 5.

In 1929, Oldsmobile began producing the Viking brand which was sold through Oldsmobile dealerships. It was on the market for approximately two years. In 1937, Oldsmobile was the first to design and produce a 4-speed, semi-automatic transmission. Then with the 1940 models, a fully automatic transmission was offered. These vehicles featured a gas pedal and a brake. No clutch pedal was needed. The gear shift handle was located on the steering column.

The last automobile manufactured by Oldsmobile before World War Two was in 1942. The company then began making all types of products for the military effort, including large-caliber guns and shells. The manufacturing of automobiles resumed in 1945.

Notable achievements for Oldsmobile include the introduction of the first turbocharged engine in the 1962 model Jetfire, the first four-wheel drive car produced in the U.S. with the Toronado, and the first upscale muscle car, the 442. The company also produced the Oldsmobile Cutlass which was a top-seller in the 1970s and 1980s.

In the 1990s, Oldsmobile was slowly surpassed by Chevrolet and Pontiac which were also General Motors divisions. In December of 2000, GM made it official that Oldsmobile would be discontinued.

Even though the Oldsmobile brand is no longer manufactured, there are still plenty of these models on the road. When you are shopping for insurance for your personal vehicle, it’s smart to contact several different companies and compare quotes. Most agents use certain criteria to determine the rates you will pay for an annual premium. These include the make and model of the car you are insuring and also personal information about the driver. Insurance companies factor in your driving history, your age, where you live, and even your credit report/score.

There are things you can personally do to help lower the cost of car insurance coverage. Drive safely. Bundle your insurance policies together with the same company (such as life, car, home or renter’s insurance). Ask about a low-mileage discount if you qualify. Check your credit report to make sure it is up-to-date and accurate. Also the more safety features your car has, usually the lower the cost.

Oldsmobile risks and safety information
There are some theft risks associated with owning an Oldsmobile model. Mostly this is due to the fact that older model vehicles always are more attractive to professional car thieves. Older cars tend to have fewer safety and anti-theft devices than newer models so your insurance rate could be affected. However, if there is an increase it is usually a very small one.

Oldsmobile models did fairly well in crash tests but some models scored poorly – the Cutlass, the Royale, the Bravada, and the Achieva. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tests vehicles for crashworthiness in front and side crashes, rear impact crashes, and the head and neck safety features designed to protect passengers from serious injury. With available safety features continuously being perfected and offered in every new model year, it’s easy to see why older cars are considered less safe in the event of an accident. It is a consideration worth noting if you own an older car.

Cost of Oldsmobile Auto Insurance
Car insurance rates can vary significantly depending on the make and model of your Oldsmobile vehicle and also on your personal information. Insurance companies rely on statistical data and individual personal information to help them calculate insurance rates. The following quotes are strictly estimates and do not reflect what you might actually be charged for an annual premium. However, they can be used as a guideline when budgeting for insurance costs and other car-related expenses.

The Oldsmobile Alero is estimated to cost $1675 for an annual premium. You can expect to pay around $1620 for yearly insurance coverage on an Oldsmobile Bravada. An Aurora will cost about $1275 for a similar one year policy.

It’s important to remember that driving without proper insurance coverage is not an option. When budgeting for car expenses, a smart consumer will always add in the cost of insurance along with the vehicle monthly payment amount (if any) and estimated fuel expenses.