GMAC Insurance

Originally founded in 1939 as Motors Insurance Corporation, the GMAC Insurance Group sells property and casualty insurance and is the only insurance company to originate from the automotive industry. At GMAC, they strive to meet each customer’s unique auto insurance coverage and claims needs. The company uses their experience to offer products and services to design the best possible auto insurance coverage. And, not only is GMAC committed to their customers total satisfaction, they are determined to keep them with top-notch, professional customer service.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri and Southfield, Michigan, GMAC today employs nearly 4000 in the United States and throughout the world. Aside from its two headquarters, the company also maintains over 100 offices throughout North America and other international operations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.GMAC is one of the first companies that sold auto insurance along with vehicle service agreements, giving their policyholders further protection against unforeseen repairs. The company is one of the major underwriters in the world, which mean their gain customer nearly unparalleled coverage and service.