Our mission is to improve customer understanding of insurance—what it does and how it works. To accomplish this, this site provides in depth data-driven research studies, surveys and reports, and infographics to help inform and educate.

Never before have we lived in a time with so much information, and misinformation. The primary challenges facing consumers today is determining the risk-return relationship in a noise-filled, opaque insurance marketplace, where every product appears to be a commodity, but is far from it.

Growing Topics Our Customers Need to Know About Today

Additionally, as the following changes are beginning to affect the industry as a whole, we feel the need to research and educate on these topics:

Technology trends: Insurers increasingly leveraging cloud, blockchain, IoT and more.

Technologies such as cloud computing (70% adoption rate today by companies), advanced analytics, telematics monitoring via the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, smart contracts, and cognitive applications all fall under the umbrella of increasing scale and speed as technology drives greater returns for insurance companies. Both insurers and consumers stand to benefit in cost savings as these continue to roll out.

Privacy trends:

GDPR, May 2018, is a new European law that will requires consent from consumers before their data may be used, moved out of the EU, and have the right to be “forgotten,” and even contest the use of automated algorithms. California has its own version, California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (effective January 1, 2020). Privacy in an increasingly public and interconnected world is a primary concern today.

Changing Consumer Trends & Behaviors

The largest concern facing carriers and consumers today may in fact be the speed at which economic systems are evolving. Gig and sharing economies, such as ride-sharing, as well as the increased numbers of people converting homes into full time offices continue to blur boundries. Insurtech (insurance + technology) is generating more dynamic and interactive relationships with carriers, as well as entirely new travel and living systems.

Our First Priority

Consumers are our first priority. The guidance we offer, info we provide, and tools we create are objective, independent, and straightforward.

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