Response Insurance

Response Insurance is dedicated to providing the best possible insurance for automobiles. They also provide customers with free quotes, and they specialize in the sale of auto insurance. They also provide insurance at lower rates than can be found elsewhere.

We are focused in the world of auto insurance. We want to provide you and all of our customers, with the best choices in auto insurance, but we have other goals as well. Our customers are greeted with a professional level of commitment as well as excellent customer service that is tailor made for their needs. If you are a slower driver, or a responsible driver, you will find that our Response Insurance Group of Companies is perfect for you. Our Insurance Group of companies is adept at finding the best rates for our customers in over 44 states, and helping customers find the best insurance for their needs. The group rewards their best drivers with certain motivational products including discounted or lower rates on auto insurance. For those who are hesitant to use independent agents or brokers, this is a great choice because the company does not use any of those workers.

Our goal is to work for our customers, and to give them the best value for their money. Our parent company Direct Response Corporation is financed by Morgan Stanley Capital Partners. Our customers earn the savings and security that we give them, and have come to expect that kind of service from us. We utilize a series of advisors to answer any questions you might have, and to give you quotes on auto insurance for free, without any hidden fees. All of our representatives are available around the clock to help you anytime of day. This makes it easier for you to file a claim, and also guarantees that all claims are handled efficiently and quickly.
We also work with a variety of auto repair centers across the country so that all of our customers have easy access to quick repairs on their vehicles. Not many companies have the same services as we do, including the ability to file a claim over the Internet or over the telephone. By using our website you will find that you can easily track down a repair center or a claim center in your area. You can also look at your own account, and make changes to your policy. You will have easy access to records regarding past payments, and can download forms and read more on driver safety and how you can stay safe on the road.
History of Response Insurance
Direct Corporation, a subsidiary of Response Insurance was launched in September of 1995. This company began by making use of an icon featuring a red telephone on wheels that was animated. The company wanted to show that their auto insurance company was user friendly, and that anyone could use it. Less than a year later the company had a total contribution of $315 million. The company keeps one goal in mind, and this goal is the focus of everything they do. Simply speaking, their goal is to give everyone access to low cost insurance for their autos. The company sold their first auto insurance policy in October of 1997. Just one month later they launched their first television commercial and an ad campaign quickly followed. Response Insurance released a National Driving Habits Survey in 1999, the result of years of hard work and dedication. The following year they launched the Teachers Insurance Plan, one of the New York Based Insurance Companies. That same year they also began using real time for quotes. This was also an important year in the history of the company as it was the first time they sold a policy on their website.
Response Insurance was listed as one of the favorite insurance providers in the country in January of 2001, which was a cause for celebration. That year also saw the company opening a new office in Melville, New York and releasing their Teachers' Insurance Plan National Education Survey to the general public. By 2005 the company was on a roll, which led to dramatically cutting costs for customers, and introducing new levels of rates for their customers. They also implemented a new program called Advantage, which provides cars for good drivers.
Response Insurance in the Workplace
Response rewards their safe drivers who perform consistently, but they also reward their employees. They offer great benefits, as well as excellent opportunities for employees.
Employees of the company know that they belong to one of the best companies around. They are all focused on the main goal of providing excellent customer service.
Employees have a number of opportunities available such as customer service, claims, and accounting/finance. Response is dedicated to creating a unique working environment, and each employee is a part of that. Employees can take part in charity events where the money raised is given to a specially chosen program. Response has donated a large amount of money to charities across the country.